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From the Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Ed Mills 

Announcement: Grade Options are Now Open 

Dear Hornet,  

Grading options for the Spring 2020 semester are now available. As a student, you will have the following three grading options for most courses. 

Option 1: Traditional Grading Policy (ABCDF) 
Follows the traditional grading policy found here. 
Option 2: Credit/No Credit 
If you choose Credit/No Credit for a class, the result will not impact your G.P.A.  
Option 3: Letter Grade/No Credit 
ABC/No Credit (For Undergraduate level courses)  
•  An (A+, A, A-),( B+, B, B-), (C+, C, C-) grade will count towards GPA,
a No Credit (NC) for the course will not count towards GPA. 
AB/NC (For Graduate level courses)
An (A+, A, A-), (B+, B, B-) grade will count towards GPA,
a No Credit (NC) will not count towards GPA.
Note: If you don’t make a choice, you will stay in the current grading mode, which is traditional letter grading for most classes. Due to accreditation and other requirements, grading alternatives will not apply to all classes.  

For questions, refer to the FAQ’s. If you still have questions, visit the Academic Advising website to email or schedule an appointment with an advisor

The following “how-to” video will walk you through how to complete the process in your student center: (Before you watch the video, please review options above) 

For step-by-step written instructions, consult this resource: document with screenshots.  
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