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Energy Incentive Loans
Updated Supplemental Application for Energy Conservation Loans
The Supplemental Application for the Incentive Interest Rate for Energy Conservation Loans has been updated for easier completion. The updated form is available on our website and must be used starting April 1, 2018.
Energy Conservation Loan Reminders
All applicable sections on the supplemental application must be completed. If a required section is incomplete, we will contact you to update that information. Commonly missed items include:
  • The Borrower must initial the Tennesseen Warning (page 1)
  • Square footage of the home (page 1)
  • Labor Cost vs. Material Cost must be broken out among all repair types
  • We need to know the number of windows being replaced in addition to the type of windows (i.e. single pane, double pane, triple pane) under the window replacement section 
Additionally, please note these general reminders:
  • Only certain projects with particular ratings and specifications are eligible under the Energy Conservation Loan Program. Be sure you are consulting the list of eligible improvements on our website.
  • Unlike regular Fix Up loans, homeowners cannot complete the labor on an energy loan; improvements must be completed by a professional.
Community Fix Up Loan Process Update
In February, Minnesota Housing's Board approved a change to the process for Community Fix Up Loan (CFUL) initiatives. Previously, all individual CFUL initiatives required Board approval. Now, we have incorporated CFUL criteria into the Fix Up Loan Program Procedural Manual. New CFUL initiative proposals and renewals that meet the requirements outlined in the Fix Up Program Procedural Manual will have a streamlined implementation process. You can find the CFUL criteria in section 5.01 of the Fix Up Loan Program Procedural Manual.
If you have any questions, please contact Shannon Gerving at 651.296.3724.
Reminder - In-Person Training Opportunity in St. Cloud
Fix Up Loan Program Training & Technical Assistance
This session will cover eligibility for the Fix Up Loan Program as well as general programmatic information. The training is recommended for new Fix Up lenders and current Fix Up lenders who need a refresher.
St. Cloud State University Welcome Center: Thursday, April 26, 2018 from 1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
For program questions, please contact Shannon Gerving at 651.296.3724.
For questions about the training, the training space, or to modify your registration, please contact Nicola Viana at 651.297.9510.
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