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News for the Month of January 2020
(Note: we did not add an ED Talk to our last newsletter, due to highlighting our 2019 Holiday Video)
In response to our Ask Ed submission, one of our staff asked: 
“Is the division planning on evaluating staff salaries? There are some people who have been promoted with less years of experience than those who have been working at Sac State longer who have not been promoted or had a pay raise since they started. It does not mean we do not work hard, but it seems like there is favoritism. I think that is why so many of us are looking for employment outside of Sac State.” –Anonymous
A response from Dr. Ed Mills:
Thank you for your inquiry regarding salaries and promotions in our Division.
I would like to clarify that represented employees have received permanent annual pay raises that are outlined in the respective Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs). These increases are negotiated by the CSU and the applicable union for that unit. These are commonly known as General Salary Increases (GSI). 
The topic of compensation, as it relates to equity, continues to be a relevant and important conversation among MPPs across campus.  In accordance with the relevant CBA language, there are negotiated terms that allow for MPPs and employees to initiate a request to address any equity concerns that may exist. For convenience, I have included the link to all of the CBAs, as each agreement has unique and specific provisions that pertain to respective units. I encourage all staff to become familiar with the terms and conditions of their respective contracts.
When it comes to promotions in our Division, I understand that perception is everything. I think it may be helpful to reassure that the recruitment process on our campus is aligned with industry best practices. I encourage transparency and open communication and thank you for your inquiries. I continue to maintain an open door policy and welcome any further discussion. 

Jennifer Campbell is awarded the Vice President’s Award for 2019 

The Staff Talent Appreciation and Retention (STAR) monthly awards are designed for the outstanding achievements made by staff members within the Division of Student Affairs. Once a year, the Vice President of Student Affairs presents a special award acknowledging the admirable work that impacts the success of student life.
For the academic year of 2019, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Jennifer Campbell, was awarded the Vice President’s Award for embodying partnerships through her work with programs such as: the ASI Food Pantry, CAMP, Sac State Sustainability, and collaborating with Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) in 2018, which all aims to improve the health and wellness of students across campus.
“I was surprised to receive this, as many other people around campus have done so much for our students. We are very fortunate to have such great leadership on our campus, starting with President Nelsen that often say yes and go for it, especially when it benefits our students. I feel he leads the way, but I feel very supported from Ed Mills, Joy Stewart James, and Reva Wittenberg, that allow us to dream big and challenge ourselves to do more which has led to both PHA and Farm-to-Fork and the SNAP-ed grant,” says Campbell. She hopes to improve the wellness of the Sacramento State community by introducing a balanced and moderate eating approach through educational objectives. Campbell plans to work closely with SNAP-ed, as well as other on campus student services to provide more cooking classes and education for students who struggle with food insecurities. 
The first Vice President’s Award was presented by Dr. Ed Mills in 2018 to Janet Dumonchelle for demonstrating exceptional service to the hornet family. The significance of the award emphasizes the most important aspects performed by staff members for enhancing the lives of Sacramento State students. The idea of presenting the Vice President’s award came from his experience back in 1985 when he was recognized for having a successful peer counseling program. The following year, he was awarded the Vice President’s Award for Exceptional Student Service: “It was a very impactful moment in my life and has influenced my approach to student service for the past 35 years,” answered Dr. Mills. 
Each month, the STAR Committee selects from the nominations in the division, “whose actions or work performance stands out as an exceptional reflection of divisional values,” as outlined on the Student Affairs website. The committee then evaluates and aligns the identified values of integrity, wellness, inclusivity, collaboration, service and innovation with those who were nominated. Ultimately, the Student Affairs Leadership Counsel nominates staff for the annual Vice President’s Award and it is then determined by the Vice President himself, Dr. Mills, who wins the award of the year. 

New  Associate Vice President of Enrollment Managment and Student Services

Please join the Division of Student Affairs in welcoming Steven Salcido as our new AVP for Enrollment and Student Services. Steven started Monday, January 13, and is temporarily located in the Student Services Center.
Here is a little background on Steven:
Steven has been working within the higher education for more than 11 years. His latest role was with CSU-Los Angeles, as the Director of Enrollment Management Technology. Prior to CSU-LA, he served as Assistant Dean of Financial Aid at Santiago Canyon Community College. Some of you may remember Steven from his time serving as the Associate Director for Finical Aid at Sacramento State.
As the new AVP, Steven will oversee the following areas: University Registrar, Admissions and Outreach, Student Service Center, Veterans Service Center, and Financial Aid. Financial Wellness Center, and will work with Dr. Mills regarding Athletic Compliance and the Student Athlete Resource Center. He is committed to supporting these areas providing our students, faculty and staff the best possible experience.
Steven received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and International Business (2003) from Cal-State Pomona with a minor in Communications. He received his Master of Public Policy and Administration (2011) from Cal-State Pomona with a Concentration in Administration Management. Currently, he is completing his Doctorate in Education Leadership at Cal-State LA with a completion date set for August 2020.  
“I am excited to return to Sacramento State. Sac State’s focus on student success, collaborative culture, and the talent of our student body is unlike any other that I’ve experienced. I look forward to meeting and connecting with the various members of the campus community. It is an honor to serve the campus again. Stingers Up!” says Salcido.
If you need to reach him, you can email him at or call the SAVP’s Office at (916) 278-6060. Jodi Shultz will be providing administrative support for him. 
Welcome back to the Hornet Family! 

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Save the hassle, time, and money, with the Student Affairs IT Team!

Did you know that the Division of Student Affairs has an Information Technology Team dedicated to providing support to all of its departments? Consulting with them about your technology needs is guaranteed to save you time and/or money. Your IT service hub takes an out-of-the-box approach and never shies away from a challenge. Their extensive knowledge of campus resources, systems, and tools makes them the ideal partner to contact when interested in implementing new software or initiating a project. By consulting with Student Affairs-IT (SA-IT), you may find there is a tool on campus that already does what you are looking for. This will save you the trouble of researching and even purchasing a whole new software. 
With SA-IT involvement, various departments in the Division have saved time and money when remodeling their spaces. The SA-IT Team has done this by assessing the needs of new spaces, working with vendors to get the best deals on equipment and ensuring projects move along by being in constant communication with IRT and Facilities Management. Their expertise in analyzing current business processes that are heavily paper-based and creating innovative and efficient electronic solutions using OnBase has tremendously helped the Division.
Using SA-IT as a resource when purchasing equipment will ensure that you pay for what you need, your equipment is compatible with your current set up, and the equipment specifications meet your exact needs.
SA-IT’s mission objective is to support your department with the ultimate goal of helping you improve service to our students. Partner with SA-IT today!
If you would like to partner with SA-IT or receive a consultation, please reach out to

Time to plan for Fall 2020!

Each year, the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office celebrates February as Financial Aid Awareness Month. Through student-focused events, Financial Aid & Scholarships provides hands-on assistance with completing the financial aid application, information about the Sac State Scholarship Application, summer financial aid options, and access to other campus resources.
Available to all Student Affairs departments and staff is “Financial Aid 101,” a how-to guide for helping students through the financial aid process.” This session will offer attendees a detailed overview of the step-by-step financial aid process here at Sac State.
Topics include: 
- How to apply for aid
- Review of important deadlines
- Eligibility requirements (i.e., Satisfactory Academic Progress)
- Types of aid
- To-Do List items
- Summer Pell
“Financial Aid 101” sessions will be held in the Lassen Hall Welcome Center, Room 1100. Reserve your spot by Monday, February 3rd: Financial Aid 101 RSVP page
Monday, February 10                    2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Tuesday, February 11                   9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. 
Space is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, so feel free to delegate to staff members you feel would benefit from this session. We look forward to seeing you there!
If you have any questions, please contact Tracy Hale at

Chicanx/Latinx Recognition Ceremony (CLRC) Coming Soon! 

It's time to mark your calendars and consider participation for the Spring 2020 Chicanx/Latinx Recognition Ceremony (CLRC) scheduled for Sunday, May 3rd, 2020 in the University Union, Ballroom. The ceremony honors graduating Chicanx/Latinx students who have fulfilled the requirements for a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree. This is an important milestone not only for the students, many of whom are the first in their families to graduate from college, but also for their families and loved ones. The bilingual ceremony provides a family oriented experience that is both personal and culturally relevant.
As an expression of support, we would be honored to have you participate as part of the staff/faculty procession that walks into the ballroom with the students, sits on the stage throughout the ceremony, and congratulates each graduate as they walk across the stage. 
Please mark your calendar, more information to come in a later email.
If you have questions, contact Lilia Contreras, Serna Center Ambassador at or 

In Case you Missed It: Victim Advocate Now in Student Service Center

This fall semester, Student Affairs has introduced its new WEAVE Confidential Campus Advocate, alumna, Laura Swartzen to the Student Service Center in Lassen Hall Room 1000. As a confidential advocate for WEAVE (Women Escaping a Violent Environment), a non-profit organization aimed to end domestic and sexual violence, Swartzen strives to aid and assist all students regardless of gender in situations of sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking.
Her position entails providing affected students with resources and actions such as: reporting, walking through the steps of counseling, and following the process of Title IX, if requested by the student. Along with assisting students in privacy, Swartzen also educates the campus on behalf of WEAVE through in-class presentations requested by faculty who express a need for awareness.
Swartzen’s primary goal while holding this position is to ensure students’ mental and physical safety, as well as expressing that all official matters are completely confidential: “I want to acknowledge that students coming to seek services from me might feel really vulnerable and I want students to know that they are protected with privacy and confidentiality when seeking services. I am not a mandated reporter so I don’t have to report to anyone what students disclose to me. This allows students the freedom to share as much or as little information about what they have gone through as they like with me.”
While being committed to the advocacy of domestic violence awareness and prevention, Swartzen brings a level of focus about these issues to the Sacramento State community. No matter the situation a student may be in, the advocate aims to express the safety and commitment to confidentiality that is unique to her position.
Students are welcome to contact Swartzen’s office through telephone or schedule an appointment via email, or at the link below.
Schedule an Appointment

Stay Connected While Working Remotely!

Global Protect is the official Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, which allows you to access your shared drives as well as other on-campus resources such as OnBase and Cognos/University Data Warehouse (UDW) while off-campus. This tool is very useful when you are working while on the road. Please keep in mind that having and running Global Protect is only the first step for accessing Shared Drives. They must also be mapped to your device in order to complete the access setup. If you need assistance setting this up and testing functionality, please book an appointment with our team via
Note: If you ever check-out one of our laptops with the intent to use it off-campus, please let us know what you will need access to. We can then ensure Global Protect and additional items are installed and tested prior to you leaving campus. Global Protect will require Duo authentication, please ensure that one of your authentication methods is available to you while out of the office. 

Global Protect Instructions & Download


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