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Welcome to Spring - the season of renewal, of warmer weather, longer days, flowering trees and shrubs, and bright-coloured pansies!
Spring is also the time when fleas can become problematic, so we have included some helpful information for you to be able to make the right choice for you and your fur baby in dealing with it.
Check out our latest Pet of the Month as well as some more useful tips for canine care!
Warm greetings,
    Ali & The Tip Top Team

    Tip Top will be closed for Heritage Day on Wednesday 24 September. PICK UP and DROP OFFS for this day will be rescheduled to Tuesday or Thursday. We will be in touch to make alternative arrangements with each client.

    Spring is nature’s way to say Let’s Party! 
    - Robin Williams
    Flea Control
    By late spring, fleas begin to emerge from their pupae as adults and migrate to the nearest dog or cat for blood meals.
    An adult flea mates shortly after emergence and begins laying eggs within 36 hours. In her brief 50-day lifespan, a single female flea can lay more than 2000 eggs. Fleas are marvellously adapted for survival. The female lays eggs on the host animal, but the eggs fall to the ground, carpet, sofa, dog bed, owner's bed, or easy chair where they hatch in two-to-five days.
      Today's insecticides for pets have made great advancements and a wide array of different compounds have been formulated. Please review this table which describes the active ingredients, methods of use and effects of flea and tick products for dogs and cats to be able to make the right choice for you and your fur baby.
      Pet of the Month - August 2014
      PET OF THE MONTH is just such fun!
      It is a true joy and delight to work with all these very special fur babies every day and witness these magical moments and many more.
      This is one huge slobby love from Jack Nicholson that captured my heart and received your votes for August Pet of the Month.
      Keep voting and commenting on our Facebook Page so we can all enjoy these magical moments and enjoy big smiles and some laughs!
        Enter your pet by booking an appointment and let our camera catch a MAGICAL MOMENT with them whilst they are being pampered and loved at Tip Top.

          Top Tip
          To help your furry friend get the most of the spring weather and remain happy and healthy all season long, please keep Keep Them Tagged. 
          The spring season is a great time for getting outside with your pets and exploring your natural surroundings, whether that means your local dog park or simply your back yard. However, more time outside can also mean more chances to wander off for a curious pet sniffing out the new smells of spring.
          Be sure that your dog or cat wears an identification tag complete with your home address, cell phone number and any other contact information that could be helpful if they wander away. 

            Dog Training
            Now that we are enjoying warmer weather swimming is a fantastic activity for dogs of all ages, but is particularly good for older dogs because it is low-impact and easy on their weakening joints and muscles.
            Swimming also builds strength, is good for their overall conditioning, and is naturally relaxing and comforting to most dogs.
            Pick Up & Drop Off Club
            If you would like to book your routine monthly appointment please e-mail me  and I will be sure to sync our diaries! You can also call us on 021 7907436 or book online.
            We collect and drop off in the following areas: 
            Hout Bay, Llandudno, Camps Bay, Constantia, Tokai, Wynberg, Claremont and Bishopscourt.
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            Our regular Mid Month Special will be on Saturday, 20 September. Due to seasonal demands this will unfortunately be the last Mid Month Special until further notice. 
            We thank you for understanding.

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