OCTOBER 3, 2019
Federal judge blocks Georgia anti-abortion law
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
A federal judge handed an early win to abortion rights activists Tuesday by blocking Georgia’s restrictive law from going into effect – but it is only the first step as a lawsuit makes its way through the court system. READ MORE
Deadlock: Anthem patients lose network status at Northeast Georgia
Georgia Health News
Thousands of Georgians with Anthem insurance are now out of network if they visit hospitals and other facilities run by a Gainesville-based health system. | READ MORE
Vidalia hospital may join HCA Healthcare chain
Georgia Health News
National hospital chain HCA Healthcare has signed a letter of intent with a Vidalia hospital to discuss a possible combination of the two organizations. | READ MORE
Georgia university system agrees to cover transgender health care
11 Alive
Transgender employees who work at universities in Georgia will now receive health care under the state university system’s insurance plan. | READ MORE
How a rural Georgia doctor is taking a holistic view on maternal care (features MAG member Keisha Callins, M.D.)
GPB News
Through her work as a rural physician, Dr. Keisha Callins addresses the bigger picture of maternal mortality in Georgia. Serving as the only OB-GYN for the 16 health clinics in the community heath care systems in Georgia, Callins believes in taking an holistic approach to women’s health. | READ MORE
Mercer University School of Medicine to open rural health care facilities in Peach, Clay counties
Albany Herald
Following up on the successful launch of Mercer Medicine Plains in July 2018, Mercer University School of Medicine plans to open two additional rural health clinics in the coming weeks to continue delivering on its commitment to meet the health care needs of rural Georgians. | READ MORE
NIA announces major $73 million Alzheimer’s grant, Emory leads international drug discovery center
Emory News Center
The National Institute on Aging (NIA) is awarding approximately $37 million over five years to a team of international researchers, led by Emory University, to help accelerate the development of promising new therapies that will effectively treat or prevent Alzheimer’s disease. | READ MORE
UGA gets major funding to develop flu vaccine
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The University of Georgia announced Monday it is leading a major federally-funded effort to develop a revolutionary flu vaccine that could provide long-lasting, universal protection and potentially reduce deaths. | READ MORE
Georgia liver transplant advocates lose court battle, at least for now
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The U.S. liver donation system hasn’t decided whether to start its redistribution of the organs, a proposal that is likely to mean fewer livers for Georgia patients and more for states such as New York. But it could, at least for now. A federal appeals court has ruled that while the court fight goes on, the new liver distribution system can begin. | READ MORE
Georgia near the top in HIV risk, report shows
Georgia Health News
A new analysis underscores the enormous challenges that Georgia faces in fighting HIV. The state ranks No. 3 in HIV risk in the U.S., trailing only Ohio and Nevada, according to the study from Health Testing Centers, which used data from the CDC. | READ MORE
By neighborhood: How long on average a person lives in metro Atlanta
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
New data released by federal researchers show that where you live in metro Atlanta could predict how long you live. Federal researchers have released data about average life expectancy at the neighborhood level. | READ MORE
D.O. vs. M.D.: How much does the medical school degree type matter?
AMA Wire
As you ponder medical school, you may be wondering, “What is the difference between an M.D. and a D.O.?” In the U.S. there are two types of degrees in which physicians can practice medicine: M.D.s, a doctor of medicine, or a D.O., a doctor of osteopathic medicine. | READ MORE
Walmart to give workers financial incentives to use higher-quality doctors
Kaiser Health News
Worried its employees aren’t getting good enough care from doctors in their insurance networks, Walmart next year will test pointing workers in northwestern Arkansas, central Florida and the Dallas-Fort Worth area toward physicians it has found provide better service. | READ MORE
CBD shop owners stand by their products as government officials warn of false advertising
Marietta Daily Journal
Claims attached to CBD products, as well as the pseudo-medical advice of some companies and franchisees, has been getting them into hot water. Those claims specifically have been the target of criticisms and warnings from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and other agencies. | READ MORE
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