Valparaiso University
 Current COVID-19 Protocols and Guidelines
Dear Students,

As we begin the fall semester, we see the normal "start of a school year" increase in reported COVID-19 cases within our campus community. We want to remind you of the University's current COVID-19 protocol and guidelines.

As announced in May 2023, Valparaiso University will no longer require COVID-19 vaccinations for students, faculty or staff. The University continues to strongly encourage and advise the use of the COVID-19 vaccines currently available because it provides the best protection for individuals and the Valpo community from severe illness caused by a COVID-19 infection. While the COVID-19 vaccine is no longer required, other guidelines will remain in place, and all policies are subject to change as the situation evolves in the future. Please note the following policies and procedures. 
  • Please note that quarantine housing is very limited and may not be available. 
  • Students will be responsible for making their own food/meal arrangements during their isolation period on campus through a colleague or friend, and dining plan meals are available.
  • If a student is able to return home for their isolation period, they are very strongly encouraged to do so.
  • Students should coordinate directly with their faculty to make arrangements for their academic work, as they cannot attend class in person during their self-isolation period.  Advise the faculty that you will be unable to attend class for a 5-day period.
  • After completing a 5-day self-isolation, individuals can return to class/campus but must follow a strict mask requirement for five (5) additional days.
The University has moved the treatment of this virus as endemic, similar to other contagious viruses such as the flu. Vaccinations and their effectiveness allow for this approach. Highly vaccinated communities like our campus community will continue to be the safest in this new reality.

Thank you again for your efforts in following the guidelines in place to protect you and your fellow Beacons as we learn to live with this reality and are now in regular operations and campus life. 

The Student Life Team
Student Life Division

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