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April 24, 2020
California has released Crisis Care Guidelines prioritizing who gets care if our system becomes overwhelmed. Those who have chronic conditions will be the most affected. Advocates for those with disabilities, chronic conditions, compromised immune systems, and the elderly are deeply concerned about the recommendations. Review the guidelines to see how your family might be affected.  More resources at the bottom of this email.


IDEA Waivers will be decided on by the end of the month.  Families please weigh in to protect the civil and educational rights of children. Click here for our most recent Action Alert
UC Davis Health is seeking feedback from families on a new telehealth-based assessment of infants’ development.
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COVID 19 Briefing with CDC (FVCA is a partner in this webinar)
Wed, April 29; 11am-12pm
Learn from experts about why the COVID-19 virus can put people with chronic conditions/diseases at higher risk for complications. Experts from Johns Hopkins Medicine and UC Davis Health will be able to answer many of your questions about the pandemic and how to protect yourself and your loved ones.  
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Priorities for Future COVID-19 Federal Legislation and What You Can Do
Thursday, April 30; 1pm-2pm
This webinar is open to any advocate interested in learning more about and engaging on federal COVID-19 priorities.  Topics will include ensuring that key relief measures last for the length of the economic downturn, providing more flexible state and local fiscal relief, and increasing food assistance, health coverage options, and other measures that help people who are facing the greatest health risks and worst financial fallout amid the pandemic. Speakers will also discuss the expected timetable for future COVID-19 federal legislation and what state and local advocates around the country can do to build support for these priorities.
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Tackling Your Family's Special Education Needs During the COVID-19 Pandemic
(FVCA's Project Manager Elaine Linn will present advocacy strategies)
Thursday, April 30; 2:30pm
A panel discussion on navigating the current special education environment from legal, practical, and advocacy perspectives.
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Disability Rights California In-Home Support Services, Medi-Cal, Social Security COVID-19 Updates Webinar
Wednesday, May 6; 6pm - 7pm
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