MAY 30, 2019
Georgia DAs divided over prosecution of ‘heartbeat’ law
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The anti-abortion “heartbeat” measure that Gov. Brian Kemp recently signed has split prosecutors who are trying to decide whether they’d enforce stiff new restrictions that impose new penalties on those who violate the law. READ MORE
Cobb County DA slams counterparts who won't enforce abortion ban
Daily Report
Cobb County Acting District Attorney John Melvin said Friday that women cannot be prosecuted under Georgia’s new abortion ban, but doctors can, and that Democratic prosecutors who say they are not going to enforce the law are like Nazis and Bull Connor. | READ MORE
Questions raised over cancer drugs in FDA's accelerated approval program
Many cancer patients and oncologists may turn to the US Food and Drug Administration's accelerated approval program, which provides access to new cancer drugs faster -- especially when a life-threatening cancer needs swift treatment or relief. | READ MORE
CDC must back pneumococcal vaccinations for seniors
Georgia Health News
As the current U.S. measles outbreak nears 1,000 cases, it seems impossible to deny the power of vaccines in preventing disease. | READ MORE
Essential oils popular, but can pose risk to kids
Georgia Health News
The Georgia Poison Center gets a lot of urgent phone calls every day. Two of these calls, on average, involve a category of products that many people might not consider dangerous. | READ MORE
Physician burnout costs the U.S. billions of dollars each year
Burnout, characterized by emotional exhaustion as well as feeling cynical, ineffective or unaccomplished at work, is bad for both employees and employers. | READ MORE
5 steps toward EHRs that are easier for physicians to use
AMA Wire
At the intersection of the AMA’s mission to reduce physician burnout and its efforts to make technology an asset rather than a burden lies the challenge of improving electronic health record (EHR) usability. | READ MORE
Health paradox: New U.S. diabetes cases fall as obesity rises
Associated Press
The number of new diabetes cases among U.S. adults keeps falling, even as obesity rates climb, and health officials aren’t sure why. | READ MORE
[President] Trump administration to scrap rule protecting transgender patients from discrimination
USA Today
The Trump administration is rolling back protections for transgender patients that were provided under the Affordable Care Act. | READ MORE
What Northeast Georgia Health System is planning in Lumpkin County
Gainesville Times
Lumpkin County will soon have its own hospital again, a change officials are embracing as they prepare for growth the new Northeast Georgia Medical Center Lumpkin could bring. | READ MORE
Macon hospital’s move reflects fast-food opposition
Georgia Health News
A fast-food outlet at a Macon medical center is closing, the second such action at a Georgia hospital in the past three years. | READ MORE
All we need is...a good patient navigator
MedPage Today
In the crushing world of fee-for-service medicine, both patients and providers often get the short end of the stick. | READ MORE
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