A Church without Walls
A Church without Walls
Doing Dishes and Being the Church Without Walls
It’s strange how just a few months of life experience completely changed my views on something as mundane as washing dishes. Leandra and I have very different approaches on cooking. She is undoubtedly the better cook, but I enjoy cooking as well, and I love making it the most efficient process imaginable. I time everything carefully, I only use the necessary utensils, and clean cutting boards and pots once their purpose in the meal is over. When I am done cooking, I have adequately prepared food and a spotless kitchen. When Leandra is done cooking, she has a work of art, and every single pot, pan and cooking utensil we own is piled in the sink waiting to be scrubbed. This was once a point of contention, because our general rule is that whomever cooks, doesn’t clean, which isn’t necessarily fair given our different cooking habit, and those lost fifteen or twenty minutes felt like an outrage.
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Loaves and Fishes, Daily Prayer, and Sundays

Loaves and Fishes continues to offer weekly to-go meals to the community.  A select few have continued this important work so as to lessen the chance for infection.  Nearly 100 meals are served each week, many thanks to the volunteers.
The Daily Office is read each day over Christ Episcopal Church's Facebook Page, Morning Prayer at 9, Noonday Prayer, and Evening Prayer at 5.
On Sundays there is Bible study at 9:30 and Morning Prayer with Homily at 10:30 via Zoom.  The links for both of these offerings are on the homepage of the website.

Sunday In-Person Services Held in the Gathering Place

We are offering Evening Prayer in the Gathering Place behind the Church building at 5:00. There will be a few responsible steps that we are going to take to ensure that everyone is safe.
  1. Masks and social distancing of at least six feet will be required.
  2. There will be no singing, and we will not hand out prayer books or bulletins. If You like, you may print a bulletin from the website.
  3. We are going to record everyone that is present, so if anyone comes down with symptoms later we can let the rest of the group know.  
Even with all of these caveats I am still thrilled to worship with you in person on Sunday!
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