The Latest Assisted Living News from the NC General Assembly!
The Latest Assisted Living News from the NC General Assembly!
Legislative Update
News from the NCGA
May 9, 2020
by Tony Adams, Adams and Associates Government Relations
The NC Legislature convened on April 28 for the 2020 “short session” to work on budget issues and a few other issues dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic. Two bills have been passed and signed into law on May 5 by Governor Roy Cooper that address the crisis. The Legislature has now temporarily adjourned but will come back into session in late May to continue addressing the crisis.

Senate Bill 704

S704 provides healthcare providers immunity from liability for negligence in the provision of healthcare services during the COVID pandemic, including both the treatment of COVID-19 patients and the treatment of other patients impacted by COVID, so long as providers are acting in good faith.

The same bill provides protection for essential businesses from claims that the businesses negligently injured their employees or customers. The provision does not impact remedies that may be available under the workers' compensation laws, but provides civil liability protection.

The bill also calls for the development of a state plan for a strategic stockpile of Personal Protective Equipment and testing supplies for public health emergencies to be utilized by healthcare entities, including long-term care providers, including nursing homes and adult care homes.


HB1043 provides, among other things, funding for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). $7,500,000 is allocated for the purchase of PPE for nursing homes and assisted living communities. The NC Department of Emergency Management also receives funding to compile a stock of PPE for organizations throughout the state.
HB1043 also allocates $25,000,000 to the NC Department of Health and Human Services for distribution to facilities licensed to accept State-County Special Assistance. These funds shall be used to provide a one-time payment to these facilities to offset the increased costs of serving residents during the COVID-19 emergency. Each eligible facility shall receive an amount equal to $1,325 for each resident of the facility who is a recipient of State-County Special Assistance between March 1, 2020, through July 30, 2020. In the case of a recipient who transfers from one facility to another during this time period, only the first eligible facility of the resident will receive the payment.
The bill also provides $25,000,000 to the NC Department of Health and Human Services to be used to expand public and private initiatives for COVID-19 testing, contact tracing, and trends tracking and analysis through building capacity for COVID-19 diagnostic testing, antibody testing, and expanding workforce and infrastructure to routinely identify potentially exposed persons and take appropriate public health actions.
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