Tips and tools for busy women on the go during the holiday season
Tips and tools for busy women on the go during the holiday season

Gear Up for the Holidays

If you’re like most women in America, the last six weeks of the year are when all the planets collide to make you wonder whether you’ll survive another holiday season.
“Whether you’re a wife, mother, daughter, sister or grandmother, the holidays typically change your routine and add more tasks to a woman’s to-do list,” said Dr. Amy Phillips, one of our OB/GYN doctors at UAMS. “These factors alone can increase stress levels, not to mention complications from travel, bad weather, work deadlines and all the other day-to-day pressures women face. The best survival tips include planning ahead and making sure you and your family are healthy. And, most importantly, don’t get so involved in taking care of others that you forget to take care of yourself.”

Don't Forget Yourself

Look at your calendar now and block off time for yourself. Book a lunch or dinner date with a friend, make an appointment for a manicure or a massage, schedule a morning to sleep in, plan a date night and find a few good books that you can escape to when the holidays get in full swing. When you’re shopping for others, buy yourself a few small indulgences like a coffee gift card, your favorite lotion, new jewelry or a special bubble bath. Put them out of sight but somewhere you will find them for a special treat when you least expect it. 

Work Together

Don’t be afraid to accept help when it’s offered, and don’t hesitate to negotiate carpools, sleepovers and meals with friends and family. Offer to have a meal at your house but make it a potluck. Save yourself a trip to pick up your kids from an after-school event by offering to take a neighboring child home in exchange for a ride to the event for your child. Whatever you do, accept offers for help. If your aunt, mother, sister or friend offers to make a double recipe of her special dish for your work potluck party and hers, take her up on the offer. Just smile and say thank you when everyone raves over your culinary talents. 

Avoid the Flu 

UAMS offers a walk-in flu shot clinic in the Outpatient Center on the main campus. Shots are available to established adult patients with a UAMS physician, and the clinic is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The shots are free with most insurance plans.
The last thing you need is someone in your home with the flu. As always, the best prevention is a flu shot. It can take up to two weeks for the vaccine to build your immunity, so it’s good to get your shot as soon as possible. In Arkansas, flu season is usually from December through March, so now’s the time to get your shot if you haven’t already done so.

Shop Smart 

Make your lists now for the two upcoming holiday shopping events – Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Local stores and online retailers are already promoting their discounted prices, so look at what’s available and make a list to quickly buy what you need. But, don’t buy just because it’s on sale. Local stores often provide services such as personalization, gift-wrapping and other conveniences. Look for open houses and other events to save time and money. 

Now is Not the Time for Perfection

It may be hard to believe right now, but your children will still love you if your family’s Elf on the Shelf decides to stay in the same place for three straight days. And, if the really cool wrapping paper technique you found last summer doesn’t pan out, no one will know but you. Once you’ve got your plans made, don't be tempted to try that “easy” craft project. 

Simple Party Dishes

Holiday fare doesn’t have to be the same old thing, and you don’t have to take your grandmother’s time-consuming recipe to every event. If it’s a cookie swap, a potluck or an open house, these three easy recipes will fit the bill:
To learn more, please visit the UAMS Health Library
During this season of thanksgiving, we are grateful to our dedicated staff and the patients who put their trust in us. Our best wishes for a happy holiday season to you and yours. 

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