October 2, 2018
Edition Topics

  1. Message from Dr. Silvertooth
  2. Register for the Ag/NR In-Service
  3. Leadership Opportunity through WELD
  4. Cattle AI Workshop
  5. 2018 Sports Nutrition Conference
  6. Our Land
  7. HSI Fellows Program
  8. Leadership Fellows Program
Jeff Silvertooth

Message from the Associate Dean and Extension Director

The Arizona Experiment Station (AES) provides a set of facilities located across the state that provide land and infrastructure supporting a broad array of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) research and education programs.  The AES is a valuable resource for each of the major components in the Division of Agriculture, Life, and Veterinary Sciences and Cooperative Extension (ALVSCE).

The Cooperative Extension System (CES) currently makes the most extensive use of AES facilities in part because the CES has faculty and staff based full-time at the Yuma, Maricopa, and Safford Agricultural Centers.  In addition, many CES faculty and staff not based at these facilities regularly utilize AES sites as well.

The most common utilization of the AES facilities is with our CES research and education programs in agriculture and natural resource management.  Although we do have 4-H and Family, Consumer, and Health Sciences programs working with our AES sites, opportunities exist for these CES programs to expand their utilization of these facilities.

I encourage all CES personnel to consider the many opportunities available for program development at our AES sites and take full advantage of these outstanding facilities.



Registration is now open for the AgNR In-Service Training scheduled for October 31st at the Maricopa Agricultural Center.  This one-day program runs from 830am to 330pm and features updates by AgNR Faculty on the following subjects:

-Natural Resource Users Law and Policy Center

-Irrigation Management of Landscape Trees

- Ectoparasites

- Drought

- Extension Dairy Forage Initiative

- 2018 e Coli Outbreak

- Forest Restoration and Forest Products in Northern Arizona

Included in the program will be a fall update from Extension Administration.  All AgNR Faculty are encouraged and expected to attend.

For Registration and Agenda information.

Leadership Opportunity through WELD!

The Western Extension Leadership Development (WELD) program, designed for Cooperative Extension professionals in the Western United States and Territories is seeking applications for WELD X. 

WELD X is a 15 month leadership program that consists of four dynamic learning experiences:

1.  A personal leadership inventory and assessment;

2.  Leadership seminar covering leadership styles, defining direction, working together through teams, community action process, ethical decision-making, and more;

3.  An individual innovative leadership project with support and resources, such as a case study documentation and mentoring relationships; and

4.  A capstone seminar during which participants share their innovative projects.

Arizona Cooperative Extension would like to send two interns to the WELD X program.  Applications are now being accepted. To see past WELD agendas, learn more and for the application visit:

Cattle A I Workshop

Ranchers gathered in Solomon, AZ on September 21-22 for an Intro to Artificial Insemination (AI) workshop.  Friday night Tom Anderson and Matt Herrington (ST Genetics) introduced the basics of AI including semen handling, cow estrous cycles, and AI technique.  Saturday morning everyone gathered at Whitmer Farms and was able to try the technique on live cattle. A great learning experience was had by all, and a future workshop is in the planning stages.

2018 Sports Nutrition Conference

It's Just Two Weeks Away!
Practical Sports Nutrition For All Performance Levels

The University of Arizona Department of Nutritional Sciences, in partnership with Cooperative Extension, Arizona Athletics, and the Arizona Student Unions, presents the 2018 Sports Nutrition Conference: Fueling Practice & Play on Friday, October 12, 2018.

Contact Theresa Spicer 520-621-7126 for student codes.

Our Land

 Across the Western United States, a wave of legislation is being proposed that would accelerate the sale of public lands. This concept may evoke a strong reaction in the American public. Our Land was created by a team of professional, geospatial analysts and award-winning digital storytellers at The University of Arizona, within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Learn more at https://ourland.arizona.edu/index.html

HSI Fellows Program

Apply by Monday 10/8 for HSI Fellows Program
With UA’s new designation as an Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) we have a new project-based leadership experience designed to strengthen capacity among faculty and staff to advance our efforts in this arena.  The HSI Fellows Program serves to strategically further the scope and depth of work around our HSI designation and provide a venue for community-building and career development for faculty and staff through a project-based leadership experience, mentoring and coaching, and a series of targeted workshops. As we seek to serve students from diverse backgrounds, particularly Hispanic undergraduate and graduate students, the HSI Fellows Program serves as one of many strategies for strengthening our institutional capacity and exceeding the federal criteria required to be a designated Hispanic Serving Institution.
The HSI Fellows Program will provide a project-based leadership opportunity for 10 thought and action leaders, including junior and mid-career faculty, academic and administrative heads, program directors, and individuals identified as emerging leaders. Faculty and staff from all backgrounds are invited to apply.

Applications are due by Monday, October 8

If you have questions, please reach out to Marla Franco at marlafranco@email.arizona.edu

Leadership Fellows Program

Apply by December 14: Leadership Fellows Program for Staff and Appointed Professionals

The Vice President for Agriculture, Life and Veterinary Sciences, and Cooperative Extension is pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for the second annual distinguished leadership development program for exceptional appointed professionals and classified staff.  Given that two-thirds of the employees in CALS are non-faculty, it is conspicuous that, until last year, there had been no formal program to support the transformational leadership and professional development of rising star APs and staff. 

This program requires a significant commitment from both the nominee and the mentor to develop future higher education leaders through stretch experiences, transformational professional development, and tailored mentoring.

Eligibility and submission packet materials can be found here.  Complete applications are due December 14, 2018.  Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed.  Nominees and mentors will be notified in writing in early February 2019.

Example Scenario: Wilma Wildcat desires to be a vital student advisor and leader in CALS and at the UA.  She identifies a mentor in Nancy Rodriguez-Lorta.  Together, they develop a detailed development plan including stretch projects where Wilma leads change efforts in advising within CALS.  The plan also identifies the need for Wilma to become a certified advisor, which requires $2,000 in course work and testing.  Nancy actively mentors Wilma in the achievement of her goal.  As an alumna of this program, Wilma will be expected to continue to give back to CALS through service on future Fellowship selection committees, leading future initiatives, consultation with senior leaders of the division, etc.

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