Centering culture, language, and arts at the heart of economic development.
Centering culture, language, and arts at the heart of economic development.
In the Ninth Ward there is a little slice of heaven called Modus Locus. They and their brilliant partners at JXTA have launched the Freedom Writers Mural campaign with the goal of creating vibrant murals in visible public spaces that honor the lives of luchadoras and luchadores who have inspired positive and healing change. They will need $30,000 to achieve this - check out their campaign, donate, and share with friends!
Dear Neighbors,
It has been an intense and heavy summer. The Ninth Ward Office has been carrying the cumulative impacts of COVID-19, the painful and unjust loss of the life of Mr. George Floyd, the national urgency of transforming our policing systems, the burning down of the heart and soul of Lake Street, the caring for the largest outdoor encampment in the history of Minneapolis, as well as etching out the future of 38th and Chicago and the future of the Third Precinct. And now, we are coming up for some newsletter air.
As we close out the summer and see the leaves begin to turn colors, I hope you'll grab a warm cup of your favorite coffee or tea and dive into the depths of our Ninth Ward website. We've decided to use our website as a place to house our extensive update on some of the major work that the Ninth Ward Office has been leading, implementing, and supporting over the past three months. Our website also includes many links to important resources and details on specific programs. It's truly a feat, hope you can take the time to become familiar with every word on our page!
Seguimos en la lucha,

Cultural Districts 

I first heard about Cultural Corridors back in 2011 while working for then City Council Vice President Robert Lilligren. Robert had built a strong body of work on the issue at the community level with the leadership of the Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI). The main purpose, as I understood it, was to ensure that Indigenous people and communities of color could be at the forefront of development - not a casualty of it. Fast forward to one Comp Plan and two City Council election cycles later, today we have finally made Cultural Districts a reality for Minneapolis.
The City will now be able to center the role of culture, language, arts, food, and festivals as the core of economic development activity in already established and richly diverse commercial corridors of Minneapolis. On East Lake Street, with legacy places like Heart of the Beast and Mercado Central, we know that these economic development projects have strived to respect this relationship. Today, with the Cultural Districts approved City policy, we officially protect and prioritize this practice.
You can learn more about the Cultural Districts Comp Plan policy we approved on the City's Comp Plan webpage. You can also get all the details of the City's approved policy on Cultural Districts on the City's Cultural Districts ordinance webpage. I look forward to keeping you updated and involved in recovering all that we lost on Lake Street and creating even more through the power of this policy. ¡Adelante!
The City has released its Business District Support applications! Those interested and eligible must submit their completed applications by 4:00 p.m. on Monday, September 28th.
Through this Request for Proposals (RFP), the City's Department of Community Planning and Economic Development Department is seeking proposals for a wide range of activities with the overarching goal of strengthening neighborhood business districts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, civil unrest after the death of George Floyd, and the public health emergency resulting from the severe impact of racism on the well-being of residents and the city overall.  
You can access the application materials and more on the City's webpage and if you have any questions, you can reach City Staff member Judy Moses at Judy (dot) Moses (at) minneapolismn (dot) gov.

May Day Cafe's Community Share

Let's join the goodness. Every other Saturday, the May Day Cafe fires up their oven and opens their door for curb-side pick up orders that benefit the community. The next Community Share will be Saturday, September 12th and will benefit Mad Dads, The Aliveness Project, The Real Minneapolis, and Loaves and Fishes. Keep track of these Saturday loves on the May Day Cafe's Facebook page.


An Eastlake Studio for Community Design

I'm excited to see new and diverse partnerships flourishing on Lake Street, despite all of challenges that have plagued our community's economic and cultural hub. I wanted to take a brief moment to highlight the work of "Confluence: An Eastlake Studio for Community Design." Confluence is located at the old Robert's Shoes lot and supported by the Graves Foundation, the work of Confluence Studio supports vital conversations and practical planning. Here is a brief description of their work, submitted by Sam Gould, co-founder and director of the space:
"Confluence: An Eastlake Studio for Community Design is a site to pass through. A waystation for individuals and ideas to cross paths on their way to where they are going or didn't yet know they intended to go towards. Social Craft, challenging the bureaucratic imagination, supporting opportunities that energize the radical imaginary at a time when it is vitally important 'not to get stuck in old ideas.' In this understanding, development is not just buildings and the growth of capital, but a complex, rich, and energetic definition of value and how we come to recognize it. In the end, it means people make place. Neighbors make neighborhoods."
For programming partnerships or to find out more, you can reach out to Confluence on Instagram or email Sam Gould at director (at) confluence-studio (dot) org.
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