November/December edition
November/December edition

Calling all financial Institutions . . .

A new level of membership designed specifically for small- and mid-size banks and credit unions is available now!
RBC Royal Bank, BMO Harris, Scotiabank, CIBC, and many more of the world's largest banks are members of ATMIA.  But it is actually smaller financial institutions than can benefit the most from becoming a member.
An extensive library of Best Practices is available to all members  roadmaps to better security and improvements in efficiency and productivity.  It is like having a consultant on staff for a variety of operational topics, that you can consult at any time – free.  And it doesn't end there.  ATMIA's online resources include research papers (some free and some at discounts), white papers, recorded webinars, and countless other ATM-related materials.
Connect with your peers across the country and across the globe – those you know already, and those you don't.  Over 8,000 individuals within the ATM industry representing 78 countries.
Staff turnover is a challenge for all financial institutions, and even more so for the smaller ones.  Stretch your resources by using the online ATMIA Academy to provide basic operational training for new ATM channel staff.  The new Financial Institution level membership includes two full courses free each time you renew, and steep discounts for additional training needs.
Stay on top of everything ATM by participating in a myriad of different committee groups.  Join the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs to learn more about the architectural tech revolution that is already underway.  Other groups address Canadian regulatory matters, payments issues, the health of cash, ATM security trends, and more.
ATM crime continues to change.  Over the past two years, for example, skimming has declined while physical attacks have spiked.  The new FI level membership also includes a free subscription to the Crisis & Crime Management Intelligence System (CCMIS); a new global database that allows members to anonymously report ATM crime incidents, as well as run reports on criminal activity in your own footprint.
If this makes sense to you, contact the ATMIA membership team to learn more about the benefits of membership and how the new Financial Institution level membership can help your bank or credit union.
Best regards to all,

Feel free to reach ATMIA Canada executive director David Tente by email at or telephone +1.407.833.7906.

H+K election report available to all ATMIA members

Hill+Knowlton provides government monitoring services to all ATMIA Canada members.  Their final report on the recent election was sent out on September 22.  If you did not receive a copy, contact David Tente.  Quoting from the first two paragraphs of the report:
"If the messaging from Prime Minister Trudeau’s government was to be believed at the start of this campaign, the choices Canadians would make at the polls on the night of September 20 would come to define the direction the country would take for years to come as we finally began to put the pandemic behind us. It was to be about crucial decisions to address systemic inequities, the impact of the she-cession, and the looming challenges of climate change. It would also be about bending the arc of economic recovery back into something resembling growth and prosperity while restoring the fiscal anchor amid a rising tide of credit risk.
However, as the seat count from last night’s polls slowly came in, the result suggested Canadians have just gone through a costly exercise in affirming nothing more than the status quo: a minority government that will return to the House of Commons to govern a country more divided – and a chamber more rancorous – than ever. The vote count also confirms there is an electorate that is unwilling to give Trudeau’s Liberals a blank cheque for their battle against a public health crisis that moved back into the foreground over the last few weeks, with the Delta variant raging like the summer wildfires in the western provinces."

Positive Impact of Cash on Everyday Life and During the Pandemic

As a sign of pride in our industry and to highlight the positive impact of cash during the pandemic and on everyday life, the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) has released ‘Cash Stories.’
Cash Stories is a portfolio of photos and stories, submitted by ATM deployers and vendors from around the world, underscoring how cash and ATM services positively affected consumers during the pandemic, in emergencies and during the course of normal day to day life. It also includes efforts by the industry to correct the misconception that cash was not safe to use during the pandemic.
“These are just a few examples of how cash saved the day for individuals that found themselves in situations where no other payment method was able to be used, how cash is appreciated and is vital to society,” said Mike Lee, ATMIA CEO. “We put this together as a sign of pride in our industry and to spotlight how important it is for consumers – all across the globe – to have easy access to cash and for banknotes to continue to be a viable payment method.”
“Some of these stories of how cash saved the day are terrific,” said Lee. “From helping people to lose weight to being able to pay for supplies when caught in the wildfires in Australia, these stories just further emphasize how important cash is.”   Read more . . .

ATMIA leaps forward with reinvention of the ATM as the 400th company joins the NextGen Consortium

Our ATMIA’s Consortium for Next Gen ATMs, established as an industry future-proofing project in 2017 to create a new API App model and ecosystem for ATMs, attracted its 400th company this week. Raiffeisen Bank Russia was the 400th organization to join the project, which has participants in 55 countries, spanning all sectors of the ATM and cash industries.
The 55 countries include Antigua, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Barbados, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Dutch Caribbean, France, Guatemala, Germany, Ghana, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Myanmar, New Zealand, Netherlands, Nigeria, Palestinian Territory, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Tanzania, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, Vietnam and Zambia.

Universal cash deposits

ATMIA has published a public position paper recommending the widespread adoption of Universal Cash Deposit systems and standards for ATM networks worldwide.
Japan led the way with the first cash-recirculating ATM in 1982, and deposit-taking ATMs and recirculating ATMs are now quite popular,” commented Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA and Chairperson of the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs. “However, with the number of bank branches continuing to decline in many countries, our industry needs to go up a gear to increase this functionality on a more standardised basis.”
The paper, which will be posted in the public domain and sent to regulators, promotes the position that Universal Cash Deposit for ATMs will assist communities and businesses in dealing with the decline in bank branches, while making cash itself more competitive in order to protect on-going access to cash for all demographic groups.
As pointed out by Cash Essentials, deposit is a key element of access to cash, both for consumers but, more especially, for retailers and merchants, who need to deposit their cash into a bank account frequently and at a reasonable cost,” Lee added. “Otherwise, they might become reluctant to accept it on their premises as a form of payment.”

Looking for more staff 
with ATM industry experience?

The ATM Industry Career Center is not just another job board   

It is a robust career site offering job seekers and employers in this unique industry a place to converge on common objectives.  And it is the only career site dedicated solely to ATM talent and the ATM industry.
Over 500 job seekers are registered on the site, along with about 100 resumes.  Views of posted job openings have been averaging over 2,000 per week recently.  And all of it  is focused on ATM industry talent!
This is a critical time for the world and the ATM industry.  In the months ahead, there will be a surge in hiring as we steadily get back to more normal employment.  Make sure that your organization is ready to get out in front of the ATM industry’s best talent.   A big step in that direction is to make sure that your hiring managers know about the ATM Industry Career Center.
Both employers and job seekers can set up a free account.  ATMIA membership is not required, but members do receive discounted rates on job postings and other services.  And this is not just a robust and sophisticated job board.  It is also a marketing resource that can help you “sell” candidates on the benefits of working for your organization.  Make your company stand out among other employers with a variety of branding opportunities:
  • Create and attach a 60-second video to your postings
  • Use an enhanced job posting that can include elements of your company profile
  • Create and post a company profile page
  • Be part of the banner ad rotation
  • Make your posting a Featured Job to gain more attention
Contact ATMIA USA Executive Director, David Tente for more information 

Visit our new 'Members of the Month' page

ATMIA has just added a new page to its website – Members of the Month.  Members from various regions are selected each month in recognition of their support and contributions to ATMIA and the  industry.
Members of the Month are recognized on regional Home pages as well as in newsletters.  And are given an opportunity to comment on the value they receive from membership.  Be sure that an up-to-date version of your company logo is uploaded to your company profile in the event that your organization is selected as a Member of the Month.
The new website page includes the listing and logo of all Members of the Month for the current year.  Simply click to expand the list.

Upcoming webinars

November 8, 11:00am CST, Physical Security: Trends and Solutions – hosted by ATMIA and ASA
ATMIA Academy offers ongoing, certified ATM operator education and training that conforms to industry best practices.
Courses are designed for ATM operators/owners doing business in regional, national and global markets. Content draws on the collective knowledge of ATMIA members, and is based on extensive research into the operating practices and procedures of ATM businesses worldwide.
There are five courses comprising complete ATM Operator responsibilities with several short, interactive and highly informative sessions. A click and learn-at-your-own-pace approach provides flexibility to control progress through each session on your own schedule and terms.
  • ATM Balancing Clerk
  • ATM Custodian
  • ATM Field Controller
  • ATM Operations Manager
  • Customer Service Representative
View course catalog hereLearn More!


ATMIA Facebook Page

Have you checked out ATMIA's Facebook page yet?  The greatest benefit of joining our community on Facebook is keeping abreast of ATM industry news and developments on:
  • Latest technology
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Upcoming ATM focused events
  • And more….
On our page, you can find all things ATM's and so much more. "Like" us on Facebook us today!

Earn discounts on your membership and offer new members a 20% discount

ATMIA members can now offer friends and affiliates 20% off membership AND earn a discount on their own membership renewal.  For a limited time, earn up to $500 USD in discounts on your next renewal as part of ATMIA’s new Membership Referral Program. Each referral is worth $100 USD.
“To make it as easy as possible for members to promote the referral program, ATMIA has put together a variety of resources and each member company has been assigned a unique referral codes that can be found under the ‘my account’ tab on the ATMIA site,” says Amber Howell, ATMIA Membership & Social Media Manager.  For mor details about how it works, click here.
Members can find their own personal link and email text/images to use under the ‘Member Referrals’ icon in their My ATMIA Account section of the website.
To learn more, contact Amber Howell.
Upcoming committee meetings

Canada Regional Board

The Canada Regional Board meets three times a year to discuss important issues, committee activities, and the financial health of the chapter. The next  meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 29, 2021 at 11:00am EST.  It is open to all Canada board-level members.  

Canada Government Relations Committee

Under normal circumstances, the Canada GRC meets three times a year to discuss regulatory and compliance issues, advocacy, and other government related matters.  Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, this meeting will be combined with the Canada Regional Board meeting until further notice.  That meeting is next scheduled for Monday, November 29, 2021 at 11:00am EST.  It is open to all Canada GRC members.  
Questions and requests for committee meeting invitations may be directed to David Tente

Welcome our new members

New Canada members for 2021:  

Associate level membership

   Bitaccess, Ottawa, ON   
Bitaccess Bitcoin ATMs offer industry-leading compliance capabilities built into the product at no additional cost to the operator. This includes automated information submission and verification processes, which auto-populate customer profiles.
All Bitaccess machines ship with on-screen kiosk software pre-installed; this includes an intuitive, full-service interface for processing customers' transactions and information submission. Administrator controls are also available through the on-screen menu for operator activities, such as cash management and device diagnostics.
   CASHWAVE, Toronto, ON
Cash Wave has accomplished some dynamic achievements in the field of ATM and Financial Technology. We are operating as the first independent switch in Canada known as Cash Wave. Product specifications of Cash Wave are designed according to the consumer’s needs and their demands in the ATM Industry with a deep focus on Canada. The man behind Cash Wave is Syed Mansoor Naqvi whose vision is to excel in Fintech all over Canada, and beyond. 
MBE was established in 1996 and has been operating in the field of E-commerce for twenty-four years, composed of a group of sixteen diverse businesses. In FinTech we are specialists in ATM and POS, working as MBE ATM & MBE POS.  Every day we realize the increased importance of financial technology in daily life. MBE ATM operates approximately 10,000 ATMs all across the province of Ontario.
Localcoin, Toronto, ON 
Localcoin is a Toronto-based company whose mission is to provide a simple buying & selling experience of digital currency for customers while upholding privacy standards across North America. We are currently Canada’s largest Bitcoin ATM network with over 500 cryptocurrency terminals across 8 provinces, and increasing with our expansion into the U.S market.
Localcoin prides itself on constantly innovating in the blockchain infrastructure space. Our product offerings encompass more than just ATMs. Our offering includes an online retail platform, transfer payments, over-the-counter trades, and prepaid credit cards. Our vision of making cryptocurrency an easy and accessible resource for all North Americans is well underway.
New member - Cloudexa Technology, Inc, Calgary AB
The idea for Cloudexa was generated in 2018. In particular, they recognized that financial institutions and managed service providers across the globe were looking for a cost-effective software that would improve their device monitoring and management business operations. The natural answer from their team was in the cloud.
Cloudexa officially launched in May of 2021 to meet this need by offering the industry a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. Cloudexa empowers your distributed workforce to not only access critical resources seamlessly in the cloud, but also execute key device monitoring and management activities at anytime, from anywhere.
New ATMIA Canada members are not only listed in the newsletter with a link to their company website, but also introduced to the entire membership with up to two paragraphs of information about the business and its focus.  Join ATMIA Canada today and put yourself on the front page of the next issue.
Did You Know?  You can upgrade your membership level at any time.  Move up to Board level for greater visibility and a stronger voice in the direction of the Region.  Interested in becoming a Canada Regional Board Member?  A unique membership level for financial institutions?  Contact David Tente for more information on this and other membership options.
Don't Forget - if your membership is expiring soon, you can receive a 5% discount by renewing before the end of the month in which it expires.

ATMIA Membership Benefit Reminder

There are so many benefits to ATMIA membership, it's easy to lose track of them all.  Watch the Newsletter each month for reminders about one of those membership benefits and tips about how to take advantage of it.

Best Practices Library Overview & Executive Summaries

Best practices help set the international standard for governing the industry and its assets. We invite you to review our library of international best practices and our growing library of translated best practices. Review executive summaries from two of our newest best practices to explore the kind of information and recommendations covered. Since 2003, ATMIA has been drawing on the expertise of global ATM specialists to help the association compile its impressive range of industry best practices.
Members log in to download best practices.

Membership News

Interac Corp. acquires exclusive rights to SecureKey digital ID services for Canada

Thursday, October 14, 2021
Company: Interac
Interac Corp., a leading payments network and digital ID provider, announced it has entered into a strategic transaction to acquire the exclusive rights to SecureKey Technologies Inc. (“SecureKey”) digital ID services for Canada. SecureKey is a leading digital ID and authentication provider that works with governments, financial institutions, and businesses to simplify consumer access to online services and applications. 

RBC's Helena Gottschling and Sara Son Hing named among WXN's Top 100 Most Powerful Women

Thursday, October 28, 2021
Company: RBC Royal Bank
RBC is proud to announce that two exceptional women, Helena Gottschling, Chief Human Resources Officer, and Sara Son Hing, Vice-President, Retail Delivery Model & Advisor Role Strategy, have been honoured among Canada's Most Powerful Women by the Women's Executive Network.
The Women's Executive Network (WXN) annually recognizes the top 100 Canadian women for their accomplishments as agents of change and leadership in reshaping Canadian organizations. RBC is represented at the WXN Canada's Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Awards with Sara Son Hing being recognized in the emerging leaders' category and Helena Gottschling as a leader in the C-Suite Executives award category.

Industry News

43% of Canadian small businesses report sales are down - but are optimistic about outlook; 29% plan to increase employees; 27% plan to reinvest; 18% plan to expand into new markets

Wednesday, October 20, 2021
Company: Payments Canada
New data from a Payments Canada study indicates that while small businesses have faced challenging headwinds since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, they are optimistic about their future outlook and growth prospects.

How ITMs are Changing the Service Landscape for Financial Institutions

Monday, October 18, 2021
Company:  Ventus
Canada and the UK are positioned at second and third place with 1698 and 174 Crypto ATMs installations. The data also highlighted major Crypto ATM manufacturing companies in which Genesis Coin has topped the list with a manufacturing record of 9813 machines, followed by other leading manufacturers called General Bytes (5720 machines), Bitaccess (2766 machines), and CoinSource (1684 machines).
Brand Building Opportunity

Sponsoring ATMIA Canada Chapter newsletter can help your company build brand awareness, stay top of mind, increase customer loyalty and drive new sales.  

Member Rate = $500 for 1 Issue, or $1,000 for 3 Issues

Sponsorship includes:
  • Logo and website link in newsletter top box, right column
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Member of the Month for November/December

Tibbs Management specializes in providing ATMs for unique business situations. If other providers have not been able to help, Tibbs can find a solution to fill those needs.  They have been a member of ATMIA Canada since 2019.
President of Tibbs Management, Peter Reid, commented on the value of ATMIA membership:
What does your firm feel is the one or more of the key benefits of your ATMIA Membership?
The education courses the ATMIA have put together are a great starting point for the day to day operations and give a very good overview.  When I first began it gave a procedural understanding that was more complex than what I required at the time but as the Tibbs Management fleet grows it gives me the knowledge to institute changes to keep the operations profitable, accountable and safe.  Plus, it doesn’t hurt to add the “Certified Professional ATM Operator” on your promotional material. 
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