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Dear Graduate School students,
I am following up on the email that went out from Jennifer Francis and Kyle Cavanaugh to graduate and professional students on Monday about entry testing and other COVID-related matters for the spring semester. Please review that email carefully, as it contains important instructions about participating in mandatory entry testing at the start of January. Students are asked to sign up by December 30 for their entry testing slot.
You can see a version of that email here, but the message you received will differ slightly depending on which testing period you are assigned to, so please refer to your copy of the email for information about your testing dates.
To address a few questions that have come up:
  • If you need to, you may still sign up after December 30 for entry testing. Obviously, the sooner you sign up, the more likely you are to find a time slot that works for you, so please do so as soon as possible.

  • You need to participate in entry testing for the spring even if you have been coming to campus and participating in surveillance testing over winter break.

  • If you did not get the email that went out on Monday and need to have access to campus in the spring, please contact me at helene.mcadams@duke.edu (if you are in a Ph.D. or master's program based in the School of Medicine, contact OBGE@duke.edu). 
Whom to contact about testing:
  • Spring testing logistics for students in Ph.D. and master’s programs based in the School of Medicine—both for entry testing and surveillance testing—will be managed by the School of Medicine’s Office of Biomedical Graduate Education (OBGE). Students in those programs should have already been contacted by the OBGE about that change. If you are a student in one of those programs and have questions about testing for the spring, please email OBGE@duke.edu.

  • All other Graduate School students should continue to contact me (helene.mcadams@duke.edu). Because we are approaching the holidays, I will respond to inquiries that come in during the next few days by December 28.
Have a safe and happy holiday season!
Helene McAdams
Graduate School Registrar
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