AUGUST 23, 2018
Blue Cross of Georgia changing its name
Georgia Health News
The largest health insurer in Georgia is changing its name. But it’s not a total revamp. READ MORE
Physician revolt against EHRs – Unlikely to happen
Physicians hate EHRs. Yes, there are a few exceptions, but it’s pretty rare to find a physician that loves their EHR. There are a fair number of them that are apathetic towards their EHR, but there are a lot of doctors who hate them. | READ MORE
Phishing attack at Georgia health system may have exposed 400K patients’ data
Healthcare Informatics
Augusta University Health System, based in Augusta, Georgia, has reported that a phishing attack on email accounts that occurred last fall may have led to the unauthorized access of protected health information (PHI) of approximately 417,000 individuals. | READ MORE
Medscape ‘Residents Lifestyle & Happiness Report’ 2018
Challenges and frustration – but also satisfaction and fulfillment – face residents in 2018. | READ MORE
Study: Apologizing to patients reduces hospital defense and liability costs (features MAG members)
GSU News Hub
Hospital staff and physicians who are willing to explain, apologize for and resolve adverse medical events significantly reduce legal defense and liability costs, according to a study led by Dr. Florence R. LeCraw, an Atlanta anesthesiologist and adjunct professor at Georgia State University. | READ MORE
[Georgia] lawmakers weigh easing hospital regulation
Valdosta Daily Times
Georgia lawmakers will take a fresh look at how the state regulates medical facilities this fall. | READ MORE
Cervical cancer screening without Pap test OK for some women
Not all women need Pap tests to look for cells in the cervix that might be malignant. Under new guidelines from U.S. physicians, some women can get a test that looks for the cancer-causing human papilloma virus (HPV). | READ MORE
New FDA initiative implies CDC opioid guidelines are not evidence-based
CATO Institute
On August 22, Food and Drug Commissioner Scott Gottlieb issued a press release announcing the FDA plans to contract with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) to develop evidence-based guidelines for the appropriate prescribing of opioids for acute and post-surgical pain. | READ MORE
Abuse-proof opioids floundering despite record overdose rate
Bloomberg News
Abuse-proof opioids have an uphill battle ahead before they’re widely used despite potential cost savings and the national push to stem the opioid crisis. | READ MORE
As opioid deaths rise, metro Atlanta searches for solutions
Atlanta Journal Constitution
A large crowd watched as the man collapsed on a stage in Decatur, acting as if he’d just overdosed on opioids. He shut his eyes, splayed his arms and stuck a bent knee out to his side. | READ MORE
This is likely the reason why the measles outbreak hasn't hit Georgia
Georgia is paying attention to what's happening in other states and around the world with measles.  | READ MORE
[Former President] Jimmy Carter cuts ribbon on rural health initiative
GPB News
A while back, Jimmy Carter needed a doctor. Not just for himself, but for everyone in his hometown of Plains, Georgia. The town’s single doctor had folded up shop a while back. Luckily for Carter, he served on the board of Mercer University, which has a medical school. | READ MORE
Strengthening the safety net: Grady brings mental health services into primary care
Georgia Health News
After her daughter’s death last year, Helen Dennard says, “I went over the edge.’’ | READ MORE
Hospitals battle for control over fast-growing heart-valve procedure
Kaiser Health News
When Medicare in 2011 agreed to pay for a revolutionary procedure to replace leaky heart valves by snaking a synthetic replacement up through blood vessels, the goal was to offer relief to the tens of thousands of patients too frail to endure open-heart surgery, the gold standard. | READ MORE
It's come to this: Your kid's pediatrician visit may soon include a prescription for play
Los Angeles Times
Imagine a drug that could enhance a child's creativity, critical thinking and resilience. Imagine that this drug were simple to make, safe to take, and could be had for free. | READ MORE
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