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WEEK ONE of resistance 
Council Member Alondra Cano, State Representative Ilhan Omar, State Representative Ray Dehn, State Represenative Karen Clark, and State Representative Carlos Mariani teamed up to lead a unified and strong community response with other elected officials, immigrant rights groups, and organizers against Trump's attacks on the immigrant and refugee community. You can read coverage of the event here:
Beloved friends and neighbors,
As the fast and furious news spiral out from Washington, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and sad. Especially since so many of us are direct targets of these horrific actions. It is our families, our neighbors, and our best friends who are being impacted by the Islamophobic ban on refugees and the threats of sweeping immigration raids and deportations. Whether it is us directly impacted or our loved ones, one thing is clear - these misguided policies will attempt to rip our tighly-knit communities apart and they will affect us all.
But the inauguration of the President was also the inauguration of a new chapter in our resistance. 
In addition to the press conference I helped to host in St. Paul yesterday, our office has been relentless about carrying the light of justice even more brightly than ever before. This act of resistance is in solidarity with you and so many others who care deeply about the people who have made us strong. About protecting the families who have raised us, the neighbors who have revitalized our streets and businesses. Our office is a powerful reflection of your beautiful joy and love.
To that end, I wanted to highlight some of the many events which have taken place over the past week to help us collectively remember that the struggle is alive and well. Whether it's you challenging yourself to use your bike everyday, or spending time growing local and organic food, or waking up in the early dawn to participate in a workers' strike - all of our individual actions, when added up, create the colorful tapestry of justice that is the Ninth Ward. It is one we will continue to weave with you every step of the way and one we will protect against every attack.
Above: Peter Eichtien, chair of the Midtown Phillips Neighborhood Association, addresses the crowd at the "Hope, Fear, and Faith" community togetherness event hosted by the Abubakar As Siddique Islamic Center. I was happy to see so many of our diverse neighbors and religious leaders attend this gathering where we shared compassion, a unified vision for our future, and encouraged one another to keep building connections despite the deep divisions coming from Washington D.C.
I was honored to partner with the Waite House, MN Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC), Our Revolution MN, Isuroon, KRSM The Southside Media Project, Navigate MN, NAACP MPLS, Mesa Latina, TakeAction Minnesot, Native Lives Matter, ISAIAH, MN350: Building a Climate Movement in Minnesota, GoodSpace Murals, Living Proof Print Collective, and In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater to host the "Love, Resistance, Revolution: A Community Festival" held on Inauguration Day to bring together hundreds of neighbors to share a meal, make art, enjoy music, and make their own commitments for social justice for the next four years. You can view the sweet photos from this event documented by Sharolyn B. Hagen by visiting her photography link and using the password peace1. The photo above is from Sharolyn.
As we close out this brief update and reflect on the current times I am reminded of Assata Shakur's words often shared with me at gatherings,"It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love eachother and support eachother.We have nothing to lose but our chains."
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