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"It is good to be adopted!!!"

Hi friend,, hope you are having a good day. We know everyone is so very busy this summer-time of year, but we just wanted to share some of our most recent heartwarming adoption stories with you.


We received a call in June from the Tallapoosa County Sheriffs Office about a stray dog found at the Girls Ranch. We really didn't have a space, only our quarantine area but we took her in.  We posted on all the Lost and Found Sites but never received any information, or whom her owners were.
So we took Betty Blue (now know as Freya) into the vets office for her spay surgery.  Well, it was love at first sight for Freya and her vet tech.  Upon seeing her Travis fell to his knees and Freya went right into his arms, kissing his face. After surgery Travis asked if he could take her home over the weekend for more 'recovery' time and to see how she got along with family, children and fellow rescued kitty cats.  Freya fit right in and Travis made application to adopt her. We know she now has a bright future ahead of her and will never be homeless again.  Thank you Travis and family!!!


One morning Chanoah, our kennel manager, found two dogs at the end of our driveway.  A little long haired Chihuahua, and a big Pitt Bull Terrier (We named them Beauty & Beastie Boy). We didn't know where they had come from but when we went to separate them into different housing, they both had a fit, wanting to be together. After we listed them lost, hoping to find their family noone came forward. We were hoping to find them a family together, but when Joshua made application for little Beauty, now Rosie,  we knew she would have a wonderful home and two little girls who would dot on her. Joshua has been so kind to keep in touch and this is what he wrote recently, "We just LOVE our little Rosie!!! She has become a fixture at my feet while I do schoolwork at my desk! Thank you so much for rescuing her and allowing us the privilege to give her a forever home!
(no worries about Beastie Boy, now known as B-Dog.  He is now  in love with his new kennel mate, and little feral girl named Expresso. They both are doing so well together, maybe they can be adopted together???)

Little Jake

Rusty, now known as, Little Jake came to us as a stray dog, found locally down the road from the rescue. When he went unclaimed we put him up for adoption and immediately a call came in for adoption. Sometimes it seems Rescue K911 is but a bridge. From being homeless and abandoned to then  finding their forever loving home gives us the most pleasure.
His new Daddy Wayne writes. I sure didn't think I could LOVE a dog again after I had to put big JAKE down BUT !!! He was God sent,  he's got so many ways like big JAKE so he fit right in and that why me and the cat love him he deathly got my heart. LOVE Wayne

I Am Rescued then Adopted!

There are more stories we need to share but will do at another time. Just want to thank you, dear Friend, for all your love, prayers and support to Rescue K911. Without YOU we never would be able to do the work that we do. Thank you for your financial support, your volunteer hours, adopting from us, and just letting us in your hearts and daily prayers. Thank you for helping the homeless!!!
Larry & Loraine
& all the little ones of Rescue K911
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