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Dear Members of the George Washington University Community,

At GW, we strive to foster the most diverse and inclusive community, where everyone feels they belong. Over the past year, the Office for Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement, GW Information Technology, and several campus partners have been working to provide all members of our community with the opportunity to indicate their chosen first name, gender identity, and pronouns. We are pleased to share updates and action items in progress.

Submitting personal identifiers through GWeb
All community members can now indicate their chosen first name (if different from their legal name), gender identity, and pronouns through GWeb’s Personal Information page. Instructions are available here.

These changes are intended to be affirming to all members of our community by enabling everyone to indicate how they identify and would like to be addressed. These changes also allow others to easily access information about how members of our community wish to be addressed, further facilitating respectful discourse. Although you are not required to update this information, you may do so at any time.

Where your chosen first name will be displayed
Within 24 hours after submission in GWeb:
Students, Staff, Faculty
Students only
  • Blackboard
  • Campus Labs/Engage
Staff & Faculty only
  • Jabber
Upon request through Chosen Name Change Form:
Students, Staff, Faculty
  • GSuite (*Gmail, Calendar, Drive)
  • Zoom
  • Box
Students only
  • Handshake
Users can update:
Students, Staff, Faculty
Students only
  • Handshake
Continued improvements
We are continuing to create connections with other GW platforms to ensure chosen first name, gender identity, and pronoun information is incorporated across platforms. For the most up-to-date information, please check the Chosen Name, Gender Identity & Pronouns website.

We also are working with Admissions and Human Resource Management and Development to provide applicants with the ability to share their chosen first name, gender identity, and pronouns during the application process. Inviting candidates to share this information allows us to welcome and address them as they would like from the very beginning of their GW experience.

We welcome all members of our community to email for support or to provide feedback.

Raise High!

Office for Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement
GW Information Technology
The George Washington University

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