Dear colleague:
The move from Box to Microsoft OneDrive is now scheduled to begin the week of April 12, 2021.
  • Your files and folders will be copied from Box to OneDrive, keeping the same folder structure, workflows, and permission settings. Your Box Notes, if any, will be converted to Microsoft Word documents and copied to a folder in your OneDrive account.
  • We will let you know when the transfer for your Box data is scheduled to begin. Once the transfer begins, you will see a folder called "BOXData" in your OneDrive account. Please do not modify this folder until we notify you that the transfer is complete.
  • You can still use Box while the data transfer is underway. Between mid-April and mid-June, your Box files will continue to be synced to OneDrive.
  • We will let you know when the data transfer is complete, and you can start reviewing your Box data in OneDrive.
  • If Google Drive is your preferred online file storage platform, we recommend that you wait until your Box data is copied to OneDrive, then transfer it to Google Drive. Learn more about moving your files to Google Drive
  • For the latest information, see:
    Questions? Contact IT User Services at or 413-545-TECH (8324).

Learn More about Microsoft OneDrive

UMass Amherst's preferred online storage and collaboration platform, Microsoft OneDrive, offers the same core features as Box, but with a new user experience.
  • Log in with your and password at
  • The Microsoft OneDrive vs Box page provides a feature-by-feature comparison of the two platforms.
  • These video guides from Microsoft give you easy access to how-to tutorials in OneDrive.
  • Curious to learn more? This collection of OneDrive courses on LinkedIn Learning was curated especially for the UMass Amherst community by our colleagues in Workplace Learning & Development. 

    LinkedIn Learning is an on-demand learning platform, complementary to campus offerings, available at no additional cost to UMass Amherst students, faculty, and staff.
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