Message from the Director, Candidate Presentations, UCAP Update, New Logos
Message from the Director, Candidate Presentations, UCAP Update, New Logos

August 14, 2018
Edition Topics

  1. Message from Dr. Silvertooth
  2. Extension Faculty & Heart of Extension Awards
  3. Awards for Arizona Association of Extension 4-H Agents
  4. Archived TMN
  5. Candidate Presentations
  6. Save the Date - Engagement Survey
  7. UCAP Update
  8. WRRC Brown Bag: The Santa Cruz River Heritage Project
  9. Call for Nominations for Youth Award
  10. Closing Reception for Mapping Q
  11. Need the *new* Cooperative Extension logo?
Photo of Dr. Silvertooth

Message from the Associate Dean and Extension Director

The Cooperative Extension System (CES) conducted the 2018 Extension Conference in Tucson on 7-8 August.  We had very good attendance, excellent facilities and support, and a great program.  Many thanks to everyone who participated and a special thanks to the planning committee for developing and delivering an outstanding program.

Please respond to the post-conference survey so that we can gain the benefit of your feedback from the experience last week.  Your constructive input is always beneficial as we work to develop next year’s conference.

In the meantime, thanks again for attending the conference and for the good work that you all continue to do for Arizona Cooperative Extension.

It was great to see everyone in Tucson last week!

Heart of Extension Award Recipients

Heart of Extension Award Heart of Extension Awards given out at the Annual Cooperative Extension Conference

The Heart of Extension Award Winners were:
Kim Horn – Senior Program Coordinator, Coconino County
Yvonne Cooper – Senior Program Coordinator, Maricopa County
Renee Carstens – Assistant Agent, Gila County
Maria Melendez – Administrative Assistant, Pinal County
Joanie Contreras – Senior Program Coordinator, Pima County
Steve Gouker – CED, Navajo County
Adonis Alamban – Assistant in Extension, La Paz County
Sandra Saad – Senior Program Coordinator, Extension Administration
Channah Rock – Associate Specialist, SWES/MAC

And, also, congratulations to: 
Kim McReynolds – Extension Faculty of the year
Kim McReynolds receives the Cooperative Extension Faculty of the Year Award

Awards for Arizona Association of Extension 4-H Agents

Congratulations to the following Arizona Association of Extension 4-H Agents.  These 4-H professionals submitted and received State and Regional recognition in Communicator and Specialty Award categories:

Kim Christman, Maricopa County, Educational Package - Team
Joshua Moore, Pima County, Periodical Publication - Team
Kim Christman, Maricopa County, Promotional Piece - Team
Amy Parrott, Yuma County, Radio Program
Amy Parrott, Yuma County, Excellence in Natural Resources/Environmental Education Award
Joshua Moore, Pima County, Excellence in Teamwork Award
Gerald Olson, Mohave County, Excellence in 4-H Club Support Award
Kim Christman, Maricopa County, Denise Miller National 4-H Innovator Award
Steve Gouker, Navajo County, Educational Technology Award

Julie Adamcin, Pima County Retired, Life Member Award
Gerald Olson, Mohave County, Excellence in Camping Award
Gerald Olson, Mohave County, Feature Story
Gerald Olson, Mohave County, Greg Yost Memorial Youth in Leadership Award

Archived 2018 Tuesday Morning Notes

Head to our website, to check out past Tuesday Morning Notes

Need to put something on your calendar from a past 2018 TMN?  

Check the "TMN" archives out, here.

Candidate Presentations

For the position of Area Assistant/Associate Agent; Livestock/Range

The following candidates are schduled to give a 1-hour presentation(followed by a 30-minute Q&A session) in the St. John's, Arizona, Extension Office as follows:

"Building and Strengthening a Vibrant Livestock and Range Extension Program in Northeastern Arizona"

Doug Whitbeck, Tuesday, August 28 (1:30-3:00pm)

Joshua Grace, Wednesday, August 29 (8:30-10:00am)

Santana Nez, Wednesday, August 29 (1:30-3:00pm)

Live streaming will not be available, but we plan to record each presentation.
For more information, contact Larry Howery at 

Save the Date: 2019 Employee Engagement Survey Coming!

On 6/26 you received an email from Dean Burgess announcing our 2019 Employee Engagement survey and received additional details in an email from Heather Roberts-Wrenn and Dominic Rodriguez.  Mark your calendars for the survey opening on Monday, September 10th!

We want as many people as possible to participate to ensure the information gleaned from the survey is an accurate representation of your thoughts and what we’re doing well, and where we can make improvements to continue to make "ALVSCE" the most sought-after place to be. 

University Career Architecture Project:  Merging Staff & APs

Classified Staff and Appointed Professional employment groups are merging:  Learn more about UCAP

The University Career Architecture Project (UCAP) is a UA-wide 2-year project scheduled to "go live" July 2019, that will merge Staff and APs, provide greater career structure and progession paths, and allow for market-based salary ranges for all positions. 

To learn more, get involved, and keep apprised of progress, visit the official project website.  Make sure you check out the FAQs page, as many of your questions about the project are addressed here.

WRRC Brown Bag:  The Santa Cruz River Heritage Project - Reviving an Urban River

Date. Tuesday, August 28
Time 12:00pm-1:15pm
Speaker:  Tim Thomure, Director, Tucson Water
Location:  WRRC, Sol Reisnick Conference Room, 350 N. Campbell Ave.

Remote access to the seminar via GoToWebinar:


Call for Nominations, the Francess McClelland Youth Vision Award

Call for nominations for the Francess McClelland Youth Vision Award
The Frances McClelland Institute is seeking to honor a youth leader, working toward improving the well-being of children, youth, families, and community.  The award is for a youth leader who inspires hope for Arizona's future. 

Frances McClelland overcame adversity through her life and became very resilient.  
The committee is looking for someone who embodies her spirit of valuing her immigrant roots, overcoming adversity, and demonstrating resilience to challenges.  They're also seeking future professionals who will work with individuals and families in careers in family, health criminal justice, psychology, social work, as healthcare practitioners, teachers and in other related fields. 

The nominee should be between 11-22 years old, and must be present for the "FMI" Vision Award Ceremony on Oct. 25, in order to qualify.
Deadline to submit nominations is Friday, August 31 at 5pm.

To access the nomination form, head here.

Closing Reception for Mapping Q

Join youth for a closing reception for the Frances McClelland Institute's current exhibit, featuring art from 'Mapping Q 2017'.  Youth participants from the program will share their artwork and experiences, and Dr. Russell Toomey, Chair of the Youth Development and Resilience Initiative, will share results from the program.

"Mapping Q is an incredible opportunity for participants to learn compassion for themselves and their community, and to communicate their feelings and perceptions through arts.  The art created by participants speaks to the depth of queer and trans experiences in an oppressive context, and the exhibition provides space for the participants' voices to resist and conquer injustice," Toomey said.

'Mapping Q'  is offered through 'Eon', a drop-in youth program at the Thornhill Lopez Center on 4th.  Youth learn about suicide prevention and leadership training; they also explore their own identities and how representations of self are displayed in the world around us. At the end of the program, everyone who completed artwork gets the chance to display it in an exhibition at the UA Museum of Art.

The closing reception will be Friday August 24, from 4pm-6pm at the UA Museum of Art.  Head here for more information about the event, or reach out to Feliz Baca at .  

New logos for Cooperative Extension

New logos for Cooperative Extension

Did you know Cooperative Extension has *new* logos?

If you need access to the *new* logo - reach out to Faith Schwartz at 

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