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Pesto Madness Returns!!
Our longest running community event happens on October 6th this year. 4 to 7 PM.  We make our absolutely delicious pesto with home grown basil and garlic.  For your $10 admission you get a plate of pasta with pesto, bread, salad and some Italian sausage!  We'll show you how pesto is made and you can copy our recipe (but without our special basil and special garlic you cant duplicate our pesto!)  Pick up a jar or two for $10 each and set yourself up for a couple of months!  Please bring your own plate and eating utensils to make this as waste free as can be. Music and fun for the kids, Boy Scout Lemonade.
Growing Food In So Cal!
September 1st, if you haven't left town celebrating the holiday, join with the Gardenmaster in the Growing Food In Southern California (aka What To Do And When To Do It) class. 10 to noon in the garden - This month, Planning and Planting The Cool Season Garden! Your questions answered as always - whether we know the answer or not. $20 at the door - maybe some free plants or seeds to take home to practice newly learned skills! September 1, in The Learning Garden 10 to 2. 

Amaranth Harvest Party!

Everyone is invited to a Harvest Party! The Seed Library of Los Angeles, The Learning Garden, Qachuu Aloom farmers' association (from Guatemala) and the Gardens' Edge (from New Mexico) join in inviting you to a special event featuring traditional harvesting of amaranth and the processing of the amaranth to eating! Thursday, September 20th, we'll meet and greet 5:30 to 6:00 PM; Qachuu Aloom will show us the tradtional ways of harvest and winnowing - and finally, eating popped amaranth!  Bring a dish to wrap the whole experience up with a big potluck! No charge for this event and you will learn so much! Children love this too!  Bring your own plates and serviceware for the potluck so we can be low or no waste! This is a great learning experience and lots of fun! The Learning Garden entrance is on the school side of Walgrove Avenue, just south of Venice Blvd. 
We invite you to grow with us!
Come to one of our events and be a part of our community, or attend one of our classes and workshops. You can join one of several groups that call our garden home, like:
The Seed Library of Los Angeles,  Westside Food Exchange, Our Time Bank, and others. Check out our website at or our very active Facebook page.  All our work is done by volunteers, but we try to be open W, Th, F from 3 to 5 PM and Sa/Su from 10 to 5.  We have Tai Chi and Chigong in the garden on Saturday and Sunday mornings which are either by donation or have a fee.   Look for a series of stand alone workshops coming up in these next few months - with topics YOU asked for!  

We hope to see you soon!
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