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Will there be Extra Credit?

I miss opportunities for extra credit. Why can't we have those in our post-school life? Little chances to try to get an extra boost that will test our abilities, but if we miss won't be counted against us. 
Luckily, for businesses in Maryland, there may be some extra credit - a tax credit, that is - for businesses who provide transit and other commuting-related, non-parking benefits via the Maryland Commuter Tax Credit!
Maryland employers who pay a portion of the cost of an employee's commute on a qualified mass transit vehicle or system can claim this special tax credit. The credit is the lesser of either 50% of the cost of providing commuter benefits, or $100 per month for each employee.
Yes! Tax-exempt organizations under IRS Code 501(c)3 are eligible to take the tax credit against their withholding taxes. Such organizations will need to attach a Maryland 508CR form to their Annual Employer Withholding Reconciliation Return (MW508).
Eligible expenses include the purchase of transit fare cards, like SmarTrip cards, for travel between home and work. The employer-paid expenses from a Guaranteed Ride Home program, a "Parking Cash-Out" program, or an employer-run vanpool are also eligible.
If your business or organization provided any of the eligible benefits in 2020, simply complete Part M of Maryland Form 500 CR, Maryland Business Income Tax Credits. If you need help or want more information, click here. You may also contact Brandan Stuckey at

Coming in February From BUP

Facebook Live Concerts!

Like the Bethesda Urban Partnership on Facebook and tune in Thursday evenings at 6:00 for live concerts from talented area musicians! February features Caz Gardner on February 4, Sara Jones on February 11, and Jason Masi on February 18.

Eat Out at the Winterized Streetery!

Bethesda's popular Streetery has been winterized to include heated tents that are open enough to allow for proper air circulation, but closed enough so you can enjoy your dinner without freezing!
The Bethesda Streetery is open Tuesday - Sunday, 11am - 10pm and are located at:
  • Norfolk Avenue, between St. Elmo Avenue and Cordell Avenue
  • Norfolk Avenue, between Cordell Avenue and Del Ray Avenue
  • Woodmont Avenue, between Elm Street and Bethesda Avenue (** open daily
  • Veterans Park, corner of Norfolk and Woodmont Avenues

Passengers Now Able to Share Bernie Memes on Metrorail

Earlier this week, the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA) announced that all Metrorail Tunnels now have wireless coverage!
According to the WMATA press release, "The latest activation brings the final three segments online between Dupont Circle in Downtown DC and White Flint in Maryland, the Yellow Line from L'Enfant Plaza to the Pentagon, and Silver Line in Tysons Corner."
In addition to posting Bernie Sanders memes and watching cat videos, customers can use the network to refill their SmarTrip Cards
Let's just keep the volume down on those phone calls, though. Am I right?
Click here for more information from WMATA.
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