MARCH 22, 2018
[Georgia] Legislative twists: A standoff on nursing bill and a boost for sports medicine center
Georgia Health News
A wild day in health care at the state Capitol on Tuesday began with a morning legislative hearing on something Democrats have sought for years: Medicaid expansion. READ MORE
[Newnan] Cancer hospital bill defeated in panel vote
Georgia Health News
A hotly disputed bill to ease restrictions on Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s facility in Newnan was defeated in a House committee vote Thursday. | READ MORE
New Anthem health policy cuts emergency room coverage
NBC Nightly News
The policy aims to cut down on using emergency rooms for non-emergency health care needs, but doctors say the policy will discourage patients from seeking care because they fear the bill won’t be covered. | READ MORE
Editorial: Health insurance company makes big profits by playing hardball
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
In the past year, the health insurance company Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield drew attention for stiffing patients in Missouri and other states for seeking emergency care that Anthem later decided wasn’t an emergency. | READ MORE
Fewer foreign doctors are coming to study in the U.S., report shows
Los Angeles Times
For the second consecutive year, the number of noncitizen international medical graduates who applied to study in U.S. residency programs has declined. | READ MORE
The gender pay gap for women doctors is big – and getting worse
CNN Money
Women doctors earned an average of 27.7% less than their male counterparts in 2017, according to a new survey of 65,000 physicians by Doximity, a social networking platform for health care professionals. | READ MORE
[President] Trump pledges to ‘get tough’ on drug crime, unveils opioid epidemic plan
The Washington Post
President Trump on Monday laid out his plan to end the opioid epidemic in a speech that focused heavily on punitive measures — including executing some drug dealers — while also pledging to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for their role in fostering addiction. | READ MORE
HIV expert may be picked to lead CDC
Georgia Health News
A leading AIDS researcher who is also an expert in treating heroin addiction is the top candidate to head the Atlanta-based CDC, according to news reports. | READ MORE
U.S. to cover advanced genomic testing for Medicare cancer patients
The U.S. government said on Friday it will pay for certain genetic tests for Medicare-eligible patients with advanced cancer, in a bid to help match patients with the drugs most likely to provide benefit. | READ MORE
Getting sick can get really expensive, even for the insured
The New York Times
New research shows that for a substantial fraction of Americans, a trip to the hospital can mean a permanent reduction in income. | READ MORE
Opinion: Medicaid work requirements are sound policy
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Once fully implemented, Medicaid enrollees in Kentucky, Indiana and Arkansas will be required to participate in a work, education, training, job search or community service activity for at least 20 hours per week in order to maintain their Medicaid coverage. | READ MORE
FDA considers restricting tobacco flavors, including menthol
The Food and Drug Administration will consider restricting the use of menthol flavoring in cigarettes, the second move in a week by the agency to make smoking less enjoyable as part of an ambitious anti-tobacco push. | READ MORE
Medical Wars
The reason we spend twice as much on it as other wealthy nations, says a study published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association, isn’t that we use more services; it’s because our hospitals, doctors, and drug makers charge more. | READ MORE
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