APRIL 30, 2020
Opinion: [Georgia] Health systems working together to combat COVID
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
It is clear that our definition of “normal” may never be the same. And as leaders of Georgia’s largest and most comprehensive health care systems, we recognize the importance of working together to learn from and move ahead of this pandemic. READ MORE
Georgia sets daily coronavirus testing record (quotes MAG President Andrew Reisman, M.D.)
The Daily Tribune News
Nearly 13,000 new tests were reported to the Georgia Department of Public Health’s website Tuesday, the most in a single day since the coronavirus pandemic began. | READ MORE
CDC knocking on doors collecting blood for antibody survey in Fulton and DeKalb counties
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began knocking on doors in Fulton and DeKalb counties Tuesday for a one-week program aimed at figuring out just how widespread the novel coronavirus is in metro Atlanta. | READ MORE
[Dr.] Fauci hails promising COVID-19 drug tested at Emory hospitals
Georgia Health News
Preliminary data show patients with advanced COVID-19 who received the antiviral drug remdesivir recovered faster than similar patients who received a placebo, federal health officials said Wednesday. | READ MORE
CDC adds six more symptoms for coronavirus
The Hill
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) added six new symptoms for the coronavirus to its website as officials grapple with gauging the illness's scope. | READ MORE
Are antibody tests the key to cracking COVID?
Georgia Health News
Around the world, research institutions and private companies are ramping up development, production and rollout of antibody, or serological, tests. | READ MORE
[AMA’s] Next steps the nation must take on COVID-19 testing
AMA Wire
A national strategy is needed to provide greater clarity and transparency about existing COVID-19 testing capacity and the supply chain for testing supplies, as well as to help ensure that states have the testing resources they need, the AMA said in a letter to Brett P. Giroir, M.D., HHS assistant secretary for health.  | READ MORE
Orthopedic surgeon talks about secondary health care crisis from COVID-19 pandemic
Daily Herald
While we remain focused on the urgent medical needs today, a secondary health care crisis is also brewing, and it threatens to be much larger than the crisis caused by the virus itself. | READ MORE
New survey of nurses finds lingering supply problems and stress
Georgia Health News
A new survey of Georgia nurses has found that four in 10 don’t feel safe or equipped to perform their duties amid the pandemic. | READ MORE
Poll: Cost makes nearly 1 in 10 leery of seeking COVID care
Associated Press
As states gear up to reopen, a poll finds a potential obstacle to controlling the coronavirus: nearly 1 in 10 adults say cost would keep them from seeking help if they thought they were infected. | READ MORE
Half of physicians now using telehealth as COVID-19 changes practice operations
Fierce Healthcare
Close to half of doctors are now using telehealth to treat patients as the COVID-19 pandemic changes practice patterns and how physicians deliver care. | READ MORE
Telehealth will be free, no copays, they said. But angry patients are getting billed.
Kaiser Health News
In a fragmented health system – which encompasses dozens of insurers, 50 state regulators and thousands of independent doctor practices – the shift to cost-free telemedicine for patients is going far less smoothly than the speeches and press releases suggest. | READ MORE
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