Plus, Amy Sterling & Dr. Bill Schindler X-STEM Talks
Plus, Amy Sterling & Dr. Bill Schindler X-STEM Talks

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Next April, we will celebrate 10 years of the USA Science & Engineering Festival! We are seeking exhibitors and sponsors to join us on the Expo floor with exciting and engaging hands-on STEM activities! 
Attendees, stay tuned as we will be releasing the Expo registration soon! 
Festival Expo exhibitors, don't miss out on the Early Bird Special for the 2020 Expo! Exhibitors can secure up to two 10x10 booth spaces.  Organizations interested in a larger footprint should contact us here to learn more about becoming a sponsor. 
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New Expo Pavilions 

At the 2020 USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo next April, we will be introducing the Chemistry Pavilion and the Food Science Pavilion to the Expo floor! We are seeking organizations eager to showcase these exciting fields of science to the next generation of innovators! Contact us directly to learn how your organization can join hundreds of companies, universities, government agencies, and nonprofits as we celebrate a decade of STEM outreach at the USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo on April 24-26, 2020 in Washington, DC!  
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STEM in the News

In this week's line-up, read how teachers are answering the call in California with computer science, discover the "Great American STEM Road Trip", learn about the biochemist who won the Miss Virginia pageant by performing a science experiment onstage as her talent, and finally read about the new scholarship program that will send tomorrow’s astronauts to Space Camp! 
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X-STEM Video Library 

We are continuing to upload talks from X-STEM DC 2019 to our website video library. Today's videos feature "How Gamers are Mapping the Brain" with Crowdsourcing Expert Amy Sterling and "Experimental Archaeology, Ancestral Diets and Modern Health" with Anthropologist Dr. Bill Schindler
Amy Sterling is the Executive Director of EyeWire, the virtual reality game that is designed to help researchers map the brain. Amy crowdsources video-game players by having them join hundreds of thousands of other participants around the world in playing EyeWire to solve challenging 3D puzzles, and in the process, players produce data of their neural activity. This data is used by neuroscientists to chart synaptic connections and model circuitry in 3D maps, yielding important visual results not possible through artificial algorithms or normal computers.
Dr. Bill Schindler is not your traditional anthropologist. Specializing in primitive technology and experimental archeology at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland where he is associate professor, he uses a teaching approach that he calls “soul authorship” to immerse students in experiences that teach them first-hand about primitive technologies and ways of life practiced by our prehistoric ancestors. Dr. Schindler applies prehistoric-focused approaches in experimental archeology to address a major issue facing humans today: diet. By reconnecting with the food of our ancient ancestors, Bill believes that we can find solutions to building a more sustainable, healthful food systems.
This summer, keep kids engaged with our X-STEM video library! Our X-STEM videos are a terrific educational resource for teachers and parents. Students can hear from a variety of visionaries exploring topics like conservation, medical research, space travel, math, weather patterns, and much more! 
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