February Student Newsletter
February Student Newsletter

New Extemp Questions 

Is China taking the right steps to counter the Coronavirus outbreak? Does Michael Bloomberg’s candidacy show the need for campaign finance reform? Members can access these questions and more here

February PF Topic Resources

Video Analysis » Members can watch our new video analysis for an overview of the February PF topic, Resolved: The United States should replace means-tested welfare programs with a universal basic income.
Brief + Webinar » Members can access a 20 page topic brief with an explanation of terms, argument overviews, and relevant data provided by the Coolidge Foundation. Plus, members can watch a webinar on the topic hosted by Dr. Ben Voth, director of debate at Southern Methodist University and Calvin Coolidge Debate Fellow. 


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Celebrating Black History Month

February Congress Legislation

Members can download a new docket featuring progressive tax restoration, establishing publicly funded elections, term limits on federal judges, and more. 

LD Advanced Research Guide 

Resource Package subscribers can access an advanced evidence brief on the topic, Resolved: States ought to eliminate their nuclear arsenals.

World Schools Resource Roundup

Sample Motions » Members can access five new prepared and impromptu motions including This House supports the addition of climate crisis as a criterion for refugees claiming asylum and This House supports mandatory quarantines to contain the spread of highly contagious diseases.
Demo Rounds » Resource Package subscribers can watch a quarterfinal round on the motion, This Houses supports the creation of an independent Kurdistan and a final round on the motion, This House prefers technocratic dictatorship over democracy to effectively combat climate change.
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Fifty Years Later: A Final Round Oration Revisited

We caught up with NSDA alum Gregory Chisholm to talk about his 1968 National Tournament final round performance of The American Lie, an oration about confronting racism and complacency in America. You can read an excerpt of the interview below and listen to the full performance here
When informed that, unlike the other speeches on the final round recording, there is no applause from the audience when he concludes, Gregory offered: “You have to remember those years in the mid to late sixties were years of foment. There was certainly a racial divide and a divide between a youthful culture and an older culture. I was in the midwest. I wouldn’t be surprised if people found listening to that to be difficult.” 
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Be a Team Captain for National Speech and Debate Education Day!

On March 6, we celebrate National Speech and Debate Education Day and the life-changing skills you and millions of other students have learned from this activity. 
Sign up to be a captain for your school and receive our toolkit and free resources to help plan how your team will celebrate, including this poster designed by NSDA member student and 2020 poster contest winner Olivia Tsang from American Preparatory Academy in Nevada, Class of 2024. 

A Special Way to Thank Your Coach

As you plan for your team to celebrate National Speech and Debate Education Day, don't forget your coach! Schedule a special thank you message to appear in their email inbox on March 6. 
UTNIF. Texas Speech & Debate. www.utspeech.net. www.utdebatecamp.com
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