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Bridging the Digital Gap for ATMs Using KAL's KTH Terminal Handler

While mobile and internet banking applications are advancing at breakneck speed, ATMs are in danger of falling further and further behind. 
One of the major reasons for this is the painfully slow development of banking “host” or “authorization” systems to which ATMs are connected. These systems offer banks very limited transaction services – cash withdrawal, deposits, transfer and sometimes PIN change. When banks want to add new transactions such as bill payment, foreign exchange or dynamic currency conversion (DCC), changes to the host system are required – often an extremely complex and expensive proposition. 
But now there is a new way for banks to bridge the gap – KTH Terminal Handler. 
In this webinar, KAL would like to share with you how banks can achieve the following:
  • Keep ATMs up to speed with mobile and home banking

  • Provide customers with all the traditional transactions they need at the ATM, as well as new ones such as bill payment and DCC 

  • Segment customer transaction activity – thereby slashing 3rd party transaction charges
Don’t miss out on this indispensable discussion on connecting your ATM estate to all of your banking services. Register here to secure your place. 
  • Aravinda Korala, CEO, KAL ATM Software
  • Steve Hensley, EVP Global Sales, KAL ATM Software
  • Ron Delnevo, Executive Director - Europe, ATM Industry Association
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Wednesday, 12 July
9am CDT/10am EDT/3pm BST
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