The Latest News and Updates from NCALA!
The Latest News and Updates from NCALA!
No. 2020-01

The NCALA Advisor

Letter from the President

As 2020 begins, NCALA welcomes two new members to the Board of Directors: Melissa Cole, Five Star Senior Living, Regional Director of Operations-Region C7, North Carolina, and Doris Teachey, RN, Regional Director of Resident Care, Sunrise Senior Living.
Melissa Cole
As an owner/operator, Melissa Cole has spent more than 20 years in the longterm care industry. After dabbling in many facets of longterm care, ranging from skilled nursing to independent living, Melissa currently oversees the operations of 13 assisted living, memory care, and independent living communities for Five Star Senior Living. Caring for our seniors is a passion she developed as a child and it has grown stronger throughout the years. Melissa earned her B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing at East Carolina University and is soon to complete her Master’s Degree at Liberty University in Christian Ministry. She is a published devotional and article author, with her first book releasing later this year on food allergies, a problem with which her youngest son struggles. She and her husband Jon have four children, whom they enjoy immensely.
Doris Teachey
As the Regional Director of Resident Care for Sunrise Senior Living, Doris Teachey is a healthcare professional with 19 years of nursing and supervisory/management experience. The most recent 16 years have been in the field of geriatric care. Doris has a solid knowledge of comprehensive nursing care procedures and excellent direct patient care skills. She has a reputation as a self-directed professional with superior problem solving, communication, and management skills. Doris is successful in managing time, prioritizing tasks, and organizing projects to improve the quality of patient care while maintaining compliance with state regulations.

NCALA Bylaws Revision

One of the functions of the NCALA Board of Directors is to maintain the efficacy and accuracy of the NCALA bylaws. The board has proposed a change to the current bylaws that eliminates board member classification by terms served. The three classes were included in the original NCALA bylaws, assigning each original board member had a predetermined numbers of years to serve (1, 2, or 3 years) in order to keep the rotation of members on and off the board staggered. Consistent rotations are now accomplished by term attrition. NCALA no longer needs to keep the three classes of board members because each member can now serve a three-year term. In keeping with the mandates of our NCALA bylaws, each NCALA member has the opportunity to comment on the proposed changes. If you have any comments or questions, please respond to
The relevant section of the current bylaws reads:
“The Board of Directors shall be divided into three classes, as nearly equal in number as they can be made, to serve in the first instance for terms of one, two and three years, respectively, and until their successors shall be elected and shall qualify, and thereafter the successors in each class of directors shall be elected to serve for terms of three years and be able to serve two consecutive terms with a one-year rotation off the Board of Directors before being considered for nomination again. And until their successors shall be elected and shall qualify. The current classification of the Board of Directors is set forth on Exhibit A attached hereto.”
The revision for your review reads:
“The Board of Directors shall be elected to serve for terms of three years and be able to serve two consecutive terms with a one-year rotation off the Board of Directors before being considered for nomination again.”
Frances Messer
NCALA President & CEO
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Regulatory Resources for 2020

Here are some resources for you to use in 2020.

Review Your Emergency Evacuation Plan

The year 2019 continued the previous weather pattern of hurricanes and other natural disasters, and a continuation of this pattern is predicted for 2020. NCALA encourages each member community to review their emergency evacuation plan. 10A NCAC 13F.0309 requires coordination and specific plan approval by the local emergency management agency and the local agency designated to coordinate special needs sheltering. One of our NCALA member communities received an A2 violation for not having an annual review and current evacuation plan in place. The local emergency management agency must be a part of the plan and the relocation of residents to a safe and acceptable shelter must be identified. This link ( provides specific instructions and guidance for completing and maintaining a current evacuation plan.

Most-Cited Deficiencies

Megan Lamphere, Chief Adult Care Licensure Section provides NCALA with a PowerPoint presentation each year at the NCALA Fall Conference and Trade Show. The PowerPoint has the current contact number for each team leader as well as for the team leader supervisors. It also contains the top ten most-cited deficiencies. Use the data presented in the PowerPoint to analyze and compare your community’s compliance history.

Fall Reduction & Injury Mitigation, Balancing Residents’ Safety & Freedom

Resident Falls Management continues to be a grave concern. In reviewing a number of facility listings of penalties and civil lawsuits in assisted living, better management of resident falls is critical to the health of the resident and to the financial health of the community.
It is considered assisted living malpractice to simply allow a resident to continuously fall. Most of our ACH fall lawsuits involve a resident who suffers a series of falls without appropriate interventions. Instead of analyzing the care plan or determining appropriateness for continued residency, the ACH simply ignores the problem, keeps the resident in-house, and fails to propose any changes. As a result, the falls continue and, eventually, one results in serious harm or death to the resident.
NCALA has partnered with Legacy Healthcare Services to provide Falls Management training throughout the state in 2020, with an emphasis on assessment and care planning. Please keep checking the NCALA 2020 Training Schedule for dates and sites.
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