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You and your costumed companion are invited to attend the second annual Pet Masquerade Party to benefit the Humane Society.  Registration begins at 2:00 on Saturday, October 31st and judging will be at 4:00.  There will be a silent auction, games and prizes, pet portraits as well as music, beer and wine!
Mark your calendar for this fun and fabulous fundraiser to be held at Bowery Station in Apalachicola.
What could be better than spending a fall afternoon listening to great blues and playing with puppies?  We will be in attendance at Blues in the Lot on October 10th and will bring this litter of pups, a dog or two and kittens.  Come enjoy the day with us and possibly meet your next family member!
                                   BOSSOM BUDDIES
In honor of national breast cancer awareness month we are reducing our adoption fee for our adult female dogs and cats through October.  We want to encourage all women to have their annual mammograms and consider adopting a dog or cat in need of a home.  Let's save them all!
                               WHERE ARE THEY NOW?
These Chiwienie puppies were brought to us in July in pitiful condition.  They were covered in ringworm, bacterial skin infection, fleas and intestinal parasites. They were so anemic we weren't sure they would make it through the first night.  Fortunately, they did.
After receiving treatment for their skin issues and being dewormed, we saw rapid improvement.  They ate like champs, played and slept and were soon old enough and big enough to go home.  All seven pups were adopted and have gone to loving homes where they are being spoiled but that's only half the story.
We contacted the owner to urge/insist she have the mother spayed and found out she had a total of six unaltered dogs in her home.  We offered her vouchers to have all of them spayed/neutered but she said she had no means of transportation.  That's when we contacted Operation Spay Bay in Panama City, the clinic we use for our spay/neuter program.  They have the "neuter commuter" and will travel to rural areas to pick up dogs for surgery and return them.
We made surgery appointments and arrangements for them to pick up all 6 of her dogs and have them fixed.  They provided carriers, transportation and veterinary care.  What an amazing service!  There are still way too many unaltered pets in Franklin County but at least we won't be receiving anymore puppies from this household.
Below is a picture of one of the puppies from this litter.  When we said spoiled, we meant it!

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