Weekly Coach Newsletter - March 17, 2020
Weekly Coach Newsletter - March 17, 2020

Check out what's new this week, Coach!

Simplify Your Prep with Teacher in a Box

Teacher in a Box is a collection of lesson plans from our experts designed to help introduce students to speech and debate. You can choose from four units, Intro to Public SpeakingPublic Forum, Policy, and Lincoln-Douglas, and expand things further with links to webinars, handouts, and extended materials.

Access New Congress Legislation

Your students can practice with our new March Congress docket for members. Plus, be sure to check out our themed docket for Women's History Month created by members of our coaching community for your classroom or practice session! 
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Download New Extemp Questions

Members can now access a fresh set of Extemp practice questions. What does the electoral success of Sinn Fein mean for Ireland’s future? How can K-12 schools best utilize digital learning? 

Read our New Equity Statement

Earlier this month, our Board of Directors voted unanimously to adopt an Equity Statement for our organization. The final statement comes from many hours of discussion with experts, each other, and our community, and we’re proud to share it with you here. You can also click the image to download a poster copy for your team. Thank you to the Equity Statement Wording Committee members for all of their hard work on this statement! 

Show Success with NSDA Insignia

Since our organization’s founding in 1925, coach and student members of the NSDA have had the unique opportunity to display their membership in the Honorary and take pride in their competitive success with NSDA insignia. Order insignia for yourself or your students and send your seniors off in style with NSDA honor cords. Jewel inserts for pins and pendants are determined based on the member’s earned points and degree level.  
Show your achievement. Celebrate all of your students' accomplishments with Honor Society insignia!

Women's History Month 

March is Women's History Month! Visit our Women's History Month page to access celebratory materials, including posters featuring alumni and coaches. 
If you'd like to incorporate important Women's History Month themed discussions into your classroom or practice this month, you can find all of our diversity and inclusion focused Extemp questions, Impromptu prompts, and Congress legislation at www.speechanddebate.org/inclusion.

Congress Legislation Due April 1 

Legislation for the 2020 National Congress can can be submitted by your district chair before or after your district tournament is completed in Tabroom.com.
Each district can submit one or two items of legislation, preferably one bill and one resolution. Legislation must be formatted using NSDA Templates. If you have legislation to submit,  please contact your district chair. 
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