Tonight! Join us to watch The Secret Country
Tonight! Join us to watch The Secret Country
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STRIDE December Newsletter

We have a movie night tonight and a trivia night next Friday!
Here's what STRIDE and our community are up to this month.

Trivia Night flyer
STRIDE Trivia Night
This Thursday, join STRIDE online to watch and discuss John Lewis: Good Trouble!
Time: Friday, December 18th at 6:00 PM | Facebook Event | Zoom Link 
Please join STRIDE for a virtual trivia night! Show up with a team, or arrive solo and make new friends. Test your knowledge and compete for prizes! This is our first major fundraiser for the 2021 camp season. Minimum suggested contribution is $10 (no one turned away for lack of funds).
STRIDE Movie Night - The Secret Country: The First Australians Fight Back
Tonight! Join STRIDE online to watch and discuss The Secret Country.
Time: Thursday, December 10th at 6:30 PM | Facebook Event | Zoom Link 
Synopsis: John Pilger’s second British film about his homeland, The Secret Country: The First Australians Fight Back, was inspired by director Alec Morgan’s 1983 Australian documentary Lousy Little Sixpence, which tells the story of the “stolen generation”, Aboriginal children of mixed parentage who were taken away from their mothers and put away in institutions or used as bonded labour.
Townes at the Terraces Gift Drive
Dates: December 9th-11th (happening now!)
Townes at the Terraces' resident advocates are partnering with Abell Mutual Aid and Joy's Free Store to coordinate a Christmas gift drive. Families at Townes at the Terraces have been dealing with food insecurity, service shut-offs, and enormous water leakages and bills due to city negligence. We're looking for volunteers to help make calls to local businesses and procure donations for the 308 families in this community. Please email if you are interested in spending some time on the phone for these families!
CASA Grocery Delivery
Date: December 12th
Take a couple hours on Saturday afternoons to help CASA deliver groceries to immigrant families! They are seeking volunteers to assist with socially-distanced drivers to do deliveries on Saturday afternoon. Please reach out to if you can come in to offer this needed support!
Baltimore Transit Equality Coalition Logo
Baltimore Transit Equity Solidarity Day
Time: Monday, December 21st at 6:30pm | Event Link
Join the BTEC to celebrate essential workers and call for an end to structural racism in transit policy! The day of celebration is also an opportunity to support a Baltimore regional transportation authority (BRTA), the best path to expansion of Baltimore’s public transportation system including the completion of the Red Line light rail and other key transit projects.

Piscataway Land Trust logo
Support the Piscataway Land Trust 
Give to the Piscataway Land Trust to allow members of the Piscataway tribe to rematriate the land that they have lived on for generations. The land trust will provide ways for non-Indigenous people who live on Piscataway land to honor the land and support the Piscataway people.
Petition: Police Accountability 
The Campaign for Justice, Safety, and Jobs has been working to fight for police accountability for the better part of this year. They have five major demands, one of which has been consistently blocked by Senator Cory McCray. Since 1860, the Baltimore Police Department has been a state agency due to The Maryland General Assembly’s belief that the City and Mayor of those days were incapable of maintaining order in the City. CJSJ is pushing for the Public Local Laws establishing BPD as a state agency to be appealed, and Senator McCray is not having it. Appealing this legislation would allow the City Council and Mayor a better opportunity to hold police accountable and force them to abide by City regulations rather than those of the State. Additionally, the department would lose certain protections that exist through State sovereign im munity.
The CJSJ would appreciate community members supporting this demand by signing this petition!
Resource: Buy Black for the Holidays
This holiday season, folks are encouraged to Buy Black by supporting Black-owned businesses. There is an abundance of Black-owned businesses, and this list only barely scratches the surface. This list is an active document, will be updated to periodically and is open to suggestions! This list was compiled by members of the Baltimore Yearly Meeting Reparations Action Working Group.
Recommended Reading
An Absence That Marks A Presence: Mapping Baltimore's Historic Lumbee Community On the Record, WYPR. 
Continue to learn about Indigenous communities in Baltimore. Ashely Minner is an exciting local folklorist and artist! 

Book Recommendation: Taylor Johnson - Inheritance
“Taylor Johnson holds hands with the unknowns in their rich debut collection of poems Inheritance.. … The poems are personal, not confessional so much as exploratory. ‘Sometimes I feel so outside. Then you invite me in.’ These poems do the same: they invite us in.” —Nina McLaughlin, The Boston Globe
"Private sound overrides private property in Inheritance, and all that we listen for is ours. Ownership and possession—of the language, the sound, the body, the family, the spirit—are sublimated by deep listening, the demand for a tone and way of hearing that pierces the material, forces its dispersion. What is inherited, instead of territory, is a listener and will to be heard that mandates music, that loves music enough to create it through listening. The notion of inheritance shifts, becomes Black and blank and exuberant. This gorgeous debut collection lets us eavesdrop on that shift, hear into the hearing and listening of one who is in tune enough to disappear into sound rather than trying to trap and possess it as identity. The guilt and guile of privately receiving everything and nothing through hearing it, the transverse greed of renunciation of what is heard through making it music, is anyone a mystic these days?, team to liberate the heart of this work from atonal longing. This is a world in tune with its own private, overheard, magic, at the risk of losing everything that might impede it, which is what we must risk to hear and transcribe true poetry." —Harmony Holiday
Taylor Johnson is from Washington, DC. Their poems appear in, or will appear in, The Baffler, Indiana Review, Scalawag, and The Paris Review. They've received fellowships from Cave Canem and the Conversation Literary Festival, among other organizations. Taylor lives in southern Louisiana where they listen.
T-shirt from STRIDE's 2016 Square Dance fundraiser!
T-shirt from STRIDE's 2016 Square Dance fundraiser!
Pond and trees at Catoctin Quaker Camp
Photo by Towanda Jones, taken during her visit Catoctin Quaker Camp with the McKim Center
STRIDE (Strengthening Transformative Relationships In Diverse Environments) works to:
create access for youth in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and DC to attend BYM Camps
create communities of genuine diversity, equity, and inclusion in these youth-serving programs
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