Cleveland Animal Protective League
When Poppy first came to the Cleveland APL, he was only a few weeks old. Since his mother would no longer take care of him, our team knew that he needed us to help keep him alive. We immediately sent him to a loving foster home where he could get the special attention every tiny puppy needs.
If Poppy were a normal, healthy puppy, he would have gone up for adoption already, but this sweet little guy is not your average pup. When he arrived, our team noticed that Poppy had something very uncommon for a puppy—a very loud heart murmur. 
Heart murmurs are graded by their loudness, and a 1/6 is the quietest murmur. Poppy has a grade 5/6 heart murmur, which indicates that blood is not being pumped through his heart either efficiently or correctly. In order to determine what we need to do to give Poppy a healthy life, we would like to send him to a cardiologist to have an ultrasound to help identify the source of the problem. With this ultrasound, we will not only be able to properly treat his heart murmur but we’ll also give Poppy’s future adopter peace of mind while caring for this sweet puppy with an uncommon issue.
We want to make sure that Poppy’s heart murmur is managed before he goes to his forever home. To do so, we need your help to send him to the cardiologist.
Our Second Chance Program, which is funded solely by donations from caring people like you, is what we use to provide medical care for injured and ill animals. Poppy needs this visit to the cardiologist, and now, we’re turning to you to help us provide Poppy with his second chance. We believe in him and we know you do, too.
Your donation today will help us give Poppy and other animals like him the second chances they so deserve. Thank you for answering our urgent call for help! 
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