RTSWS Dedicates November To Those Who Give
We want to give a shout-out to the CHAMPION TEACHERS across the US and Canada who recruit our students at their schools.
Today, we are highlighting School Champion, Lisa Canole, Math Department Chair at Rogers High School in Newport, RI.

What opportunities has RTSWS provided to your school and/or students?

"RTSWS has provided many opportunities for our students. They have been introduced to and have worked with female professionals over the past several weeks which has been a great experience in itself. In working with these women, students have learned about the roles these women have at Havener Capital, which has opened their eyes to job opportunities in the financial industry. They have also learned about budgeting, saving and investing which provides them the knowledge to be financially literate."

What do you believe has been the most impactful takeaway from your students' time in RTSWS?

"I think the most impactful takeaway for my students is that they have learned about the various roles in a financial firm, especially during their in-person field trip. They are now curious and eager to learn more about positions in the financial field and some are even talking about future careers in finance. These are jobs they may not have even known about prior to this program. Now, they know about them and have been given the mindset that they too, can be in these positions, thanks to the empowerment from the women mentors they've been working with."

Thank you, Lisa, for all you do to bring RTSWS to your students!

And Speaking About RTSWS Field Trips...

Over the past two weeks, girls from our 50+ partner high schools began to experience the second of the four components of the RTSWS academic year-long program - The Wall Street Experience Student Field Trip. Due to COVID restrictions, some field trips were held virtually, others had the financial pros come to their school campuses and still, others were allowed to be held at the offices of the sponsoring investment firm. The Wall Street field trip is a capstone experience whereby students are given a rare glimpse into the work lives of financiers. Over the next four weeks, the balance of our students will be learning firsthand what a career in the financial services field is like. Below are just a few pictures from this week. 

These trips can start a lifetime of change. 

Top: Ernst & Young pros brought the field trip to the Gallatin High School campus in Gallatin, TN. 
Middle: Students from Rogers High School in Newport, RI, visit the Havener Capital offices.
Bottom: Students from Gulfport High School in Gulfport, MS, visit Hancock Whitney Bank. 
Students Can Enroll Now
Get tips on college course selection, interview skills, resume building, self-advocacy, how to build a LinkedIn profile, internship opportunities, and more. You will be paired with a female financial professional from your local community. These relationships can last a lifetime. 

"My most memorable moment from RTSWS would be visiting my mentor a few times a year. I had the same mentor for all four years of high school and still stay connected with her to this day. I will always treasure the knowledge gained from my four-year involvement."

- Lillian D, Sophomore at Texas A&M University, VR Eaton High School alumnae

How do you register? Easy!

1. Log in to the RTSWS app HERE

2. Be sure to download it to your Home Screen

3. Open the app and Select the banner that says Enroll For Spring

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If you missed out on joining us in the RTSWS Fall Program, you are still welcome to join your classmates in the Spring!   
Questions? Please email us at katherine.r@rockthestreetwallstreet.com
The RTSWS Job Portal features opportunities from partnering firms who are looking to hire RTSWS talent. Five new listings were added just this week! Check out openings from companies such as  Five Elms Capital, Nine Ten Capital Management, Invesco, LPL, MorningstarBrown Brothers, and AIG.

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More students from our 52 high schools across the country and Canada will take over the RTSWS Instagram account over the next few weeks.

Upcoming Instagram Takeover Schedule 

11/12: Meredith Jones, RTSWS Board Member, Nashville, TN
11/16: Marilyn S., Student, Stuyvesant High School, NY, NY, Sponsor - Invesco
11/19: Brittanni Below, Volunteer, NY, NY, Sponsor - Invesco
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