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March 2022


Risk Management & Safety's quarterly General Operations newsletter bringing you pertinent safety information to aid in keeping our campus safe. In this issue:

New RMS Senior Director

Risk Management & Safety is excited to welcome Anna Belote to her new position of Senior Director. Anna’s responsibilities will include overall responsibility for Environmental Health and Safety and Compliance, planning, management, and execution of safety programs, policy and procedure, strategic development, and business continuity. Anna is joining us from Fort Wayne where she had been with the Parkview Health System since 2000, serving as their Director of Safety since 2015. She was responsible for overseeing the comprehensive safety program for the 12 hospital, 14,000 employee system. Anna and her husband John have 6 children and 10 grandchildren. She enjoys traveling, volunteering and spending time with her family.

Safety Corner

March is National Ladder Safety month.
Ladders are one of the most convenient and common tools in the workplace. From step stools to extension ladders they provide a safe platform for working at heights when used correctly. If misused or mistreated, ladders are also one of the most unforgiving items.
Take time to review these ladder safety practices. 
CHOOSE THE RIGHT LADDER: Always select a ladder which is the correct length to safely reach the working height. Also ensure that the ladder is of the correct duty or weight rating. The combined weight of the user, their tools and materials should NEVER exceed the rating of the ladder. 
CHECK THE LADDER’S CONDITION: Inspect your ladder for split or cracked side rails, missing or broken rungs, loose rungs or other weaknesses. 
PLACE THE LADDER WITH YOUR SAFETY IN MIND: Make sure the ladder has firm footing and that its feet are one-quarter the length of the ladder away from the upright surface to be climbed. If you are using a step ladder, make sure it is fully open with the spreaders properly locked.
CLIMB THE LADDER CAREFULLY: Always face the ladder and use both hands when climbing up or down. Don't carry your tools or materials: raise and lower them with a hand line: don't have someone toss them up to you or just drop them when you are finished. Always climb and work from the center of the ladder. Don't climb up the "back" side of a step ladder and never stand on the top of it.
DON’T OVERREACH! If you can’t reach where you need to work, descend and reposition the ladder. 

Following simple ladder safety rules such as these will help to ensure that you or your fellow workers are never injured while using a ladder.  Visit RMS's Ladders and Scaffolds web page for complete program information.

Safety Alerts

Electrocution - Hartford, CT -  A metal fabrication company faces penalties after a worker was electrocuted while repairing a portable water heater. For more information, read here.
Fall - Manitoba, Canada - An insulation company was fined for failing to prevent a fall that seriously injured one worker. Read the details here.


Injury data is from January 1 through February 28, 2022.
OSHA Recordable case: Any work-related injury/illness that resulted in loss of life, loss of consciousness, days away from work, restricted work, transfer to another job, or required medical treatment beyond first aid.
DART case: Any work-related injury/illness that resulted in days away from work, restricted work, or transfer to another job (also OSHA Recordable).

Environmental Corner

Duncan Student Center Spill
It is important that all spills be reported as soon as they are discovered to minimize the spread of the spill and potential for groundwater contamination. On February 7, 2022 RMS was notified of a spill through the Good Catch system. The spill was located on the sidewalk between Duncan Student Center and DeBartolo. RMS, NDFD, Landscape Services, and Utilities all responded to the spill. We were unable to determine the source of the leak or how long it had been there. The size of the spill was expanded because of the rain and melting snow that morning. Thanks to our responding partners, we were able to absorb the spill and collect the absorbent for disposal.
For questions or concerns about spills, please contact Erin Hafner at

Trivia Contest

With the change of seasons approaching, tents and canopies will be needed for outdoor events. Campus organizations must submit stage, tent, or canopy applications at least _____ days prior to the event. Visit our Stages, Tents and Canopies web page and see page 2 of the program for the answer.
A drawing will be made from all the correct responses sent to by March 22. 2022. A prize will be awarded and the winner will be announced in our next issue. Congratulations to Joe Herman, our December winner!


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