ENGAGEMENT - Fall 2020
News about our efforts to promote a more humane and just society that maximizes human potential and the quality of life for all individuals, families, and communities.

UVM Launches Placed-Based Education Program

UVM's new cross-college Place-Based Education (PBE) Certificate program allows students to actively engage in local social-ecological systems. "This new intitative is another example of UVM’s commitment to creative community collaboration, innovation, and leadership in educating for a sustainable future," says Megan Camp, executive vice president of Shelburne Farms, a key partner of the PBE program.

Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusive Practices in Education

For her actions to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in early childhood education practices, Sandra King '22 received the 2020 Academic and Social Justice Distinction Award. 
“If I were to do it all over again, I would choose only UVM,” she says. “It is an amazing school. I feel prepared to go out and do my thing in the world.”

Welcoming New CESS Faculty

Bringing their diverse backgrounds and unique expertise, new full-time faculty joining CESS this fall will advance our efforts to provide the highest quality scholarship and inclusive practices in education, social work, and human services.
Meet our new faculty and learn about their nationally and internationally recognized research and teaching.

Research Team Receives $3.2M NSF Grant to Study Earth's Critical Zone

“The critical zone research project comes at an urgent point in time when the value of science is being put in question," says co-Principal Investigator Regina Toolin. "One of the primary goals of the project is to educate teachers and K-16 populations of students on the critical importance of science in society today.” 

Tarrant Institute Celebrates 10th Year of School Innovation Partnerships

“We were lucky enough to work with some phenomenally passionate educators and district leaders,” says Tarrant Institute Professional Development Coordinator Scott Thompson. “They’re as excited as we are to see the promise of truly compelling learning experiences being lived by their students each and every day.”

Counseling Faculty Publish New Book on Group Work in Schools

Working professionally as teachers, school counselors, mental health counselors and counselor educators, Drs. Ann Geroski, Jane Okech and Kurt Kraus gained deep appreciation for the challenges and rich learning opportunities inherent to group work with youth.
Their new book, “Group Work in Schools: Preparing, Leading, Responding” helps leaders plan and conduct culturally responsive groups to maximize potential for healthy growth, development, and learning for all students in their schools.

Fresh Perspectives in Research and Scholarship on LGBTQ Issues

Challenge norms and presenting new perspectives and knowledge, UVM faculty are breaking down binaries to open a range of new possibilities.
Dr. Jackie Weinstock publishes extensively on lesbian relationships and friendships, gender and sexual identities, and the aging process. Her most recent co-authored book delves deep into gerontology issues.

Disrupting Systems of Oppression in Schools

"If teachers are mostly coming from backgrounds that aren’t representative of the most marginalized students, then those perspectives are not going to show up in the curriculum," says Ph.D. student Quin Gonell.
See how UVM faculty and their graduate students are partnering with local educators to disrupt racism and systematic oppression in schools.

Partnership with Schools Creates Programs Embracing English Learners

Burlington High School students
(Photo: Education Week, February 2020)
A new partnership between UVM and the Burlington School District formed the Collaborative Literacy Initiative, pairing education majors with high school English learners to help the students improve their English and other life skills.
Aspiring teachers in Dr. Cynthia Reyes' class meet with native speakers of various languages to discuss homework assignments and other topics. "It's a way for both groups to gain experience learning from each other," says Reyes.

Vermont Influential in Civil Rights Commission Report Favoring Competitive Employment for People with Disabilities

Over 150,000 workers with disabilities around the U.S. receive subminimum wage. Instrumental during a national investigation into possible civil rights violations was testimony from UVM Center on Disability and Community Inclusion Research Assistant Professor Bryan Dague, plus a visit to see how Vermont's innovative policies and programs support competitive and inclusive employment.

Graduate Programs and Continuing Education

We offer a variety graduate degrees, certificate programs, endorsement programs, and other training opportunities to meet the intellectual and career interests of education and social services professionals. 
Visit our new landing page to learn more about our nationally recognized graduate programs and continuing opportunities.

Child Welfare Training Partnership Offers Expanded Podcast

Our Department of Social Work's Child Welfare Training Partnership (CWTP) recently expanded it's Welcome to the Field podcast. Unpacking and discussing child welfare issues, the podcast provides easily accessible trainings for family service workers, caregivers, youth, and community professionals.  
Find the podcast and full transcripts by visiting the CWTP Podcast website.

Giving to CESS

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Please consider making a gift to the College of Education and Social Services (CESS). Thank you!
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