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At Upstream Arts, we've declared it the Year of Our Stories.

I'll start. This is one of our family stories, revealed through a video of a brother and sister having conversations. Some small talk. Our adult son, Caleb, lives in Brooklyn Park, MN and comes to the house for visits nearly every weekend. Caleb doesn’t express himself verbally. But through mirroring, listening, reacting, and responding, Caleb and his sister, Lillian, are able to share some sibling conversations:

Caleb and Lillian have a conversation through movement
A video of Caleb and Lillian having a conversation through mirroring movements.
For us, it is this kind of conversation that we use to check in. To say hi. It has rules, just as any polite small talk does. And, it holds tremendous significance for us. It’s also how we play.  If we can’t connect in this way it means something is off, in one of us.
These back-and-forth exchanges, these conversations, come in the format of movement, sounds, rhythms, patterns, gestures, and facial expressions. Sounds like all conversations, right? And it’s this kind of communication that serves as the foundation of all we do at Upstream Arts. Expression through creativity.
What do your conversations look and sound like? 
We have the goal of raising $5000 on Give to the Max day so that Upstream Arts can continue to use the power of the creative arts to activate and amplify the voice and choice of individuals with disabilities.
Make an investment in any amount meaningful to you, and
send us your story.  #UAyearofthestory
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