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The ILRC’s Red Cards help people assert their rights and defend themselves in many situations, such as when ICE agents go to a home.  Click on the card to see how you can order cards or print them in multiple languages for use with survivors. 

This Month...

We're focused on supporting immigrant survivors. Immigrant survivors of relationship violence face unique challenges to safety and security; so this month, we focus part of our newsletter on advocating for victims facing complicated immigration needs.

The resources provided here are just a sampling of the many websites, publications, trainings, etc. available on the topic and should be used simply as a starting point for addressing the complex issues facing immigrant survivors in your communities. Violence Free Colorado is also available as a resource.
Advocacy for Immigrant Victims: A Sampling of Resources
2017 Advocate and Legal Service Survey Regarding Immigrant Survivors
This survey reveals the impact of increased immigration enforcement on victims experiencing relationship violence.
National Latin@ Network Fact Sheets
Downloadable on a variety of topics promoting effective responses to eliminate domestic violence and to promote healthy relationships within Latin@ families and communities.
Making DV Services Accessible to Individuals with LEP: A Toolkit
This toolkit provides resources and support to build language access as a core service for survivors with LEP. 
Immigrant victims with limited English proficiency (LEP) have an even harder time accessing services in many communities.Even basic communication, much less nuanced information sharing, can be frustrating for both an LEP survivor and an advocate that does not speak or understand the client's language. When programs invest time to develop a comprehensive and proactive approach to providing assistance for individuals with limited English proficiency (LEP), these survivors will have greater access to the critical services necessary to safe and successful intervention.
Concerned residents of Wyoming and Colorado are launching the cross-state Rapid Response Network to be able to identify patterns of abuse and identify opportunities for litigation to keep Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from violating Constitutional Rights of Wyoming immigrants.
A new Congressional advocacy toolkit on Matter of A-B- guides you t take action and defend these critical protections for immigrant survivors.

Coalition Updates

DVAM Update

Amy Pohl, Communications Director

Domestic Violence Awareness Month is next month, and Violence Free Colorado has some great resources for #DVAM2018! Find them on our website at: 
Look for sample social media posts, logos, a new video 'challenge', and a customizable action card.

This year, Violence Free Colorado is partnering with Woods Boss Brewing Company in Denver for our kick off event on October 1st. Join us if you are in the Denver area for our first ever Not OK No k, a 0.0km race toward a Violence Free Colorado! More info here. Host your own No k. It's easy AND fun! Contact me if you want more info.
Partnering with a local business, especially a microbrewery or distillery, is a uniquely Colorado way to begin DVAM. Woods Boss has generously donated the use of their space for the event, and we even get to help them brew a special beer for the month of October. And 10% of sales for the month on that beer will be donated to Violence Free Colorado. WOW! Reach out to a local brewery in your community to team up with a sample email and other resources. Added bonus: you can use the opportunity to debunk the myth that substance misuse leads to relationship violence
We will also provide a voter registration table to help folks get and stay involved. Thanks to the Community Resource Center in the Denver Metro area who have volunteered to staff the table and to the Address Confidentiality Program for developing this awesome guide to confidential voter registration

We look forward to hearing about what YOU are doing in your community. Please share your events on our statewide calendar at:

Training and TA Update

Shannon Day, Training and TA Manager

It is amazing how quickly two years can go by. For two years, I have had the privilege of working at the coalition and connecting with numerous advocates, directors, and community members. You have inspired me with your continued efforts to provide survivor-defined advocacy. So, it is with sadness and also anticipation of a new advocacy role, that I tell you that as of September 7th, I will no longer be a part of the Violence Free Colorado staff.
Knowing the challenges individuals face in providing advocacy kept me focused on creating courses for the Online Learning Center that would be beneficial for advocates, and endeavoring to provide monthly Brown Bags that supported you in your work. I hope you will continue to utilize these two resources in training new staff/volunteers and for continued professional development. I'll be taking that inspiration and lessons learned with me as I leave the coalition to join a direct service organization.  Keep in touch!

Upcoming Trainings

In Person Trainings and Events

September 17-18: Violence Free Colorado Statewide Membership Gathering
Are you a member, you are interested in attending, and you haven't signed up yet? Contact Amy Miller for more info.
Location: Buena Vista, CO

Location: Denver, CO

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