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Teaching about climate change in secondary schools?
We are looking for a secondary school to pilot our newest Beaty Box in May & June! 
The theme for this Beaty Box is the interconnectedness of marine organisms and the impact of climate change.  
One complimentary two-week booking is available. Additional summer bookings may be offered at a discount.

Under this theme, students can learn more about:
- The relationships between the  littlest and largest creatures in the ocean
- The impact of extinction and climate change on marine food webs
- The role of sustainable practices in shaping the future of the ocean

By the end of the lesson, your group should feel more comfortable describing the relationships between organisms and the way they are impacted by climate change.

To participate in the pilot program: Submit a booking request through our website and mention "Marine Life Pilot" in the discount section. This free pilot program is available to the first booking request received, and must be booked between May 15 to June 30. Feedback, comments, and suggestions provided to the Beaty Biodiversity Museum are required as part of this program. The Marine Life Beaty Box must be picked up and returned to the museum in person.

Look for the Marine Life Beaty Box to officially launch and be available to book for your classroom in Fall 2019!
Researchers Revealed: An Invisible World
Researchers Revealed is a digital exhibition from the Beaty Biodiversity Museum exploring new technologies that researchers are using to study the natural world. Following scientists from the Biodiversity Research Centre at the University of British Columbia, we travel from oceans to deserts and far-off jungles, uncovering the answers to some of our most pressing questions about life on Earth.

In An Invisible World, producer Philippe Roberge and microbiologist Filip Husnik take us inside the hidden world of termites, and the alliances they form in order to break down wood.

Share An Invisible World, and a behind the scenes gallery of how the documentary was made, with your class!
The end of the school year is coming fast!
We are so happy that we have shared our 2018-2019 school year with thousands of students already, and will continue to see many of your groups in the next three months. We appreciate your support of the museum, use of our collections and resources, and hope that we have helped you bring biodiversity to your classrooms.

Our school programs will be available through the end of June, but some days are already fully booked.
We require two weeks notice for all program bookings. Self-led groups are welcome to drop in, but booking ahead of time gives you our great group rates!
We have a wide range of programs for elementary, secondary and post-secondary students - including joint programs with the Pacific Museum of Earth!
Have suggestions for our website? Please let us know! If there's something that you think is in the wrong place on our website or if you can't find the content you're looking for, please email with your feedback.
About the Museum
The Beaty Biodiversity Museum strives to inspire an understanding of biodiversity, its origins, and importance to humans through collections-based research, education and outreach. As Vancouver’s natural history museum, we work to promote a greater sense of collective responsibility for the biodiversity of British Columbia, Canada, and the world. The unique combination of world-class research, paired with beautiful, compelling exhibits, strives to make the research conducted at UBC more accessible to the public.
Explore the university’s spectacular biological collections, with 20,000 square feet of exhibits showcasing over 500 permanent exhibits. Among our two million treasured specimens are a 26-metre-long blue whale skeleton suspended in the atrium, the third-largest fish collection in Canada, and myriad fossils, shells, insects, fungi, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and plants from around BC and across the world. 

2212 Main Mall University of British Columbia | Vancouver, British Columbia V6T 1Z4 CA

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