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March 2017
Safety Moment

Deconstructing the Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) - Prior to group meetings, a section of the CHP can be presented and briefly discussed.
At Other Schools:
  • A 3D printer is the suspected fire cause in a science room at Marin G. Atkins Elementary-Middle School.  For more information, see 3D Printer Fire.

  • During a routine stock check at Stockton Riverside College, a potentially dangerous chemical compound was found to be drying out.  A controlled explosion was used to dispose of the chemical. For more details see Controlled Explosion.
Seth Brown, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, noticed the risk of carrying NMR tubes from the synthetic laboratories to the spectrometer room.  Carrying them directly or in an Erlenmeyer flask did not provide much protection if one were to fall or to drop the flask or tubes.  Seth shared his inspiration:  
"At home I have a universal knife block where the knives are held firmly in position by an array of what are essentially thick plastic tubes wedged into a wooden container.  It seemed to me that one could create a similar environment by cramming pipe cleaners into a plastic water bottle.  That way, several tubes can be put in the bottle and are supported on all sides.  If the bottle is dropped, it's plastic and likely won't break, and the tubes are well supported so they don't rattle around and break.  They are cheap, convenient, and colorful!"  
Kudos to Seth for his solution!
                                    TRIVIA CONTEST
Where is the list of PI, Supervisor or Designee of Lab Responsibilities posted?

A drawing will be made from all the correct reponses sent to by March 22, 2017.  A prize will be awarded and the winner will be announced in our next issue.

Congratulations to Valerie Schroeder, winner of our January trivia contest!  Her name was drawn from the group that correctly identified the OSHA Standard number and the official title of the Laboratory Standard.
Several new training courses have been added to complyND over the past couple of months and are now available for assignment.  These include the following:

Hot Work Employee

The complyND team has recently responded to several questions regarding trainees who complete course content but the course shows an "In Progress" status.  The most common cause of this is that the assignment was not submitted.  To do so, please be sure that all requirements are satisfied, including reviewing any attachments, and click the submit button (green checkmark) in the upper right portion of the computer screen.

For more information on this tip and other helpful items such as User Guides and How To Videos, please visit the complyND website at or contact the complyND Team at
                              ENVIRONMENTAL CORNER
Hazardous Waste Discard Tags

Risk Management and Safety has partnered with the Office of Information Technology to develop an online system for submitting and printing Hazardous Waste Discard Tags through OnBase.  This new system allows the end user flexibility in filling out waste discard tags from any location and printing when it is convenient.  The system also allows for ease of record keeping for everyone and does away with stacks of paper discard tags kept in both the laboratories and the RMS office.  We are currently conducting the pilot with twelve laboratories and two operations departments and addressing any issues identified.  More information will follow the completion of the pilot program.  For any questions or comments on the hazardous waste tag pilot please contact Erin Hafner or call 631-7889.
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