A preview of the collaborative activities you can share in at our event
A preview of the collaborative activities you can share in at our event
Dear Friend, 
Every week, we have the pleasure of working on the power of having and making choices, the power of changing our minds, and the importance of being in balanced relationships with all people in our lives
This work can feel hard, and poetry can help make the efforts a little more accessible - like standing up with our hands out, if we need a pancake!
Positive Helping Other? ASK!
Good giving this a try-
Joining in is positive. 
We all want to be here, 
Asking feels like a lion- so afraid to ask.
Brave bears and angry elephants,
Feeling hungry, falling over,
Saying No is sad,
Sometimes I need pancakes, so I stand up, hands out,
My friends can help me out.
-Poem written by Participants of PRI Voice & Choice in collaboration with UA Teaching Artists
-Painting made by Participants of The Art of Me with Merrick in collaboration with UA Teaching Artists  
We're excited for you to join us for our annual event, The Art of We: Can Dance If We Want To, where you can add your voice to the collaborative painting and poetry that we'll be creating together!
Click here to learn more about some of the favorite Upstream Arts Activities that we'll be doing on Monday, May 20 from 6-9pm at Bauhaus Brew Labs.
We are already 20% of the way to full capacity! Secure your place today by registering for a free ticket.
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With abundant thanks for all that you do!
Julie, Matt, Bree, and everyone at Upstream Arts
Upstream Arts Logos with these symbols: writing, painting, expressing (hearts) mingling, and playing (coin toss)
You can be part of this creative, expansive work by investing in Upstream Arts!
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