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April 2019 Update
Consumer IAM (CIAM) Project
The Consumer IAM (CIAM) project will develop a new, cloud-based IAM system for populations who neither need nor want all the access privileges and security requirements associated with a PennKey (e.g., non-traditional learners, research collaborators, business partners, and other external affiliates). The CIAM system will provide an alternative credential for these populations and can be integrated with applications to provide a single sign-on experience. Recent progress includes:
  • Pilot rollout to the Department of Medical Ethics & Health Policy (MEHP) is scheduled for May 28, 2019. Rollout includes a new single sign-on system for non-PennKey students in MEHP's online learning programs. Instead of separate logins for course access and registration, students will log in with a single username and password, whether they are registering for a new course or accessing a current or previous one.
  • The team has met with representatives from departments who serve external populations to provide an overview of the CIAM project and to capture use cases for the Enterprise solution. 
  • If you have any questions about the CIAM project, please contact us at
Internal IAM Project 
The Internal IAM project includes a re-engineering of Penn's core IAM infrastructure, replacing 15-year-old, custom-built identity management systems and processes with a standards-based, modern solution to strengthen Penn's overall security posture and ability to comply with emerging global regulatory requirements. The new cloud-based IAM solution will be implemented in phases. Recent progress includes:
  • The project team has completed its internal round of current state discovery and requirements of University identity source and target systems. Work is being prioritized to shape the recommended scope for Release 1.0. 
  • Client conversations will be scheduled in alignment with Release 1.0 recommendations. 
  • Product demonstrations from select vendors of Identity Lifecycle Management systems are complete. The team has sent out the RFI to vendors who have participated in the demos.
  • FY20 goals for the Internal project are in process.
  • The team will provide a presentation on the IAM program at the IT Staff Convention on June 4. Please attend our session to learn about the latest developments in IAM at Penn.
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