Learn about Sam's experience of the arts bringing people together
Learn about Sam's experience of the arts bringing people together
Dear Friend, 
beautiful moment unfolded recently during a group rhythm activity. Our students were drumming, listening to each others patterns and adding their own voices. Some were singing or speaking in rhythm layered over the drums. Then, one of our Teaching Artists and a student began dancing in the center of the circle, embodying the sounds.
At the end of the activity, as we do in every class, we talked with the students about what happened, and Sam, one of our participants, shouted out:
"We united!" 
Moments like these are powerful, providing a viscerally felt sense of togetherness. Because that is what the arts can do; they can help us come together, they can help us share, and they can help us unite. Over the course of a 12 week program, everyone involved grows not only in their skills, but in their sense of belonging, and unity.
It takes each and every one of us to create true inclusion. Last year our programming was supported by 281 individual investors.
This year we're growing that number to 350. 
Join in our community of supporters with an investment of any level. 
Everyone, united.
With abundant thanks for all that you do!
Julie, Matt, Bree, and everyone at Upstream Arts
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