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LAP Policy Revisions

During the 2021 legislative session the legislature passed SHB 1208, a bill that significantly modifies state laws pertaining to the Learning Assistance Program (LAP). The policy revisions are effective immediately for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year and the 2021-22 school year. These changes may impact school district plans for spending LAP funds, LAP reporting requirements, and several other LAP related activities. A few highlights of the policy revision are:
  1. Districts may use LAP base and LAP high poverty funds to address the needs
    of students who are not meeting academic standards in a manner that includes both academic and nonacademic needs resulting from the
    COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. School districts are no longer required
    to use multiple measures of performance to identify LAP students; however, districts still must use assessments to identify students with the greatest academic need.
  3. The K-4 focus for reading is no longer a requirement; however, school district must continue to implement reading
    and improvement strategies to assist students reach grade level reading by the end of fourth grade.
  4. The requirement to use best practices and strategies from the Menu of Best Practices and Strategies when implementing LAP services has been
  5. LAP funds may now be used for 8-12 grade students not meeting academic standards instead of just 8th, 11th and 12th grade.
  6. Districts may use 15% of the districts allocation to deliver LAP services through partnerships with the community or other out of school organizations.
  7. Districts will be required to use Form package 218 for the 2021-22 school year instead of the LAP End of Year Application.
Bulletin No. 028-21 outlines the changes made to LAP laws that districts must be aware of.

Funding Tools

Funding information and budget preparation tools for 2021-22, including the John Jenft rate sheet., can be found at OSPI’s website, here.
Additional resources on the SAFS website:
  • LAP budget calculator for 2021-2022
  • Estimate Levy authority and LEA
  • K-3 class size compliance calculator
  • Multi-year budget comparison tool
  • CEDARS poverty data for 2021-22 funding
There is also information about stabilization funds for 2020-2021.

Equity Training

The 2020 supplemental budget required one professional learning day to be used to train school districts staff on racial literacy, cultural responsiveness, and stereotype threat for closing persistent opportunity gaps.
During the 2021 legislative session ESSB 5044 was passed, which continues this requirement In the 2021-2022 school year, school districts must use one of the three professional learning days to train school district staff in one or more of the following topics: cultural competency, diversity, equity, or inclusion. The training is not only for certificated staff but requires the training for ALL staff and school directors.

Transportation Stabilization Funding

During the 2021 legislative session, emergency allocation of transportation funding was passed for districts that receive less allocation in 2020-21 than in 2019-20. Funds MUST be spent in 2020-21 before August 31st. These funds will be included in the recovery calculation and any unspent funds will be recaptured by the state.
Allowable expenditures for transportation were expanded in the Governor’s proclamation from the beginning of the 2020-21 school year. The stabilization funding was provided in May 2020’s apportionment payment.

Budget Timeline & Hearing

A preliminary budget should be available to the public by July 10th and submitted to the ESD for review.
Approval of budgets and budget extensions
requires a public hearing be held as described in RCW 28A.505. Every school district shall publish a notice stating the board of directors will meet for this purpose.
This notice shall be published at least once every week for two consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in the district. The last notice shall be published no later than seven days immediately
prior to the hearing.
Final date for adoption of budget is August 1st for district with less than 2000 students and August 31st for districts with over 2000 students.
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Bargaining Agreement Data Collection

In 2019, Washington State Legislature passed Engrossed Substitute House Bill 1109 which stipulates:
"Districts shall report to the office the results of each collective bargaining
agreement for certificated staff within their district using a uniform template
as required by the superintendent within thirty days of finalizing
contracts. The data must include but is not limited to: Minimum and maximum base salaries, supplemental salary information, and average percent increase for all certificated instructional staff. Within existing
resources by December 1st of each year, the office shall produce a report
for the legislative evaluation and accountability program committee summarizing the district level collective bargaining agreement data."
For more information, visit the OSPI website at this link.

Upcoming Deadlines and Important Dates

Form # 
Enrollment counts due to ESD 
P223, P223S, P240
Grant expenditures due to OSPI—electronic submission
Safety Net Oversight Committee Meeting (2-day meeting)
Final Truancy Petition Filing due to OSPI
Apportionment report available
Non-High form due to ESD from High School Districts 
Non-High form due to ESD from Non-High School Districts
Home and Hospital report due to OSPI
Preliminary budget due to ESD and available to public
Enrollment counts due to ESD
P223, P223S, P240
Grant expenditures due to OSPI—electronic submission
Non-High forms due to OSPI
Apportionment report available
Final date for budget adoption (2nd class district)
Final budget due to ESD (2nd class district)
Levy Election 
Filing Deadline for November 2, 2021 Levy
Safety Net Oversight Committee Meeting
Final date for budget extension adoption (2nd class district)
Grant expenditures due to OSPI—electronic submission
Enrollment counts due to ESD
P223, P223S, P240
Apportionment report available
Final date for budget adoption (1st class district)
Final date for budget extension adoption (1st class district)
Budget extension due to ESD (1st class district)

ESD Contact Information

Phone: (509) 547-8441  Toll Free: (888) 547-8441 • Fax: (509) 544-5795
Phone Ext 
E-mail Address
Michelle Dearlove 
Assistant Superintendent, Finance & Operations 
ext. 5776 
Travis Belisle 
Fiscal Services Administrator 
ext. 5773
Melinda Diaz 
Fiscal Clerk 
ext. 5742 

Workers' Compensation Program

ESD 123                         (888) 547-8441                         (509) 547-8441                  
ESD 112                         (800) 749-5861                         (360) 750-7504

ESD 105 Fiscal Coordinators

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Lynnette Cummings            (509) 454-3126               
Teanna Schroeder                (509) 454-3135               
Amy Coats                              (509) 454-3119               

ESD 101 Fiscal Coordinators

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