ARE Update
Dear Candidate,
The online proctoring option for the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) is expected to launch on December 14, 2020, along with several important changes to exam navigation, timing, and tools that will impact all candidates—whether testing in-person or remotely.

Online Proctoring Q&A 

We recently held a live webinar to answer questions about online proctoring and the exam changes, and we received over 200 different questions. Now, our staff are answering all the questions we didn’t have the chance to answer during the webinar in a new video series—and part one is available now. 
Watch Now
Visit our blog or YouTube channel to watch the first set of Q&A videos covering the following topics: the ARE in general; online proctoring basics, scheduling, and exam content; exam development, division changes, and case studies; and the new break policy.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll share additional videos covering questions about setting up for an online proctored appointment, what to expect on test day, the new digital whiteboard, technical/software concerns, accommodations, and more. Please be on the lookout for those posts as we work to provide the answers you need to prepare for online proctoring. For more information about online proctoring and what you can expect, watch the recording of our live webinar.

Online Proctoring Now Expected to Launch December 14

Earlier this week, NCARB announced that online proctoring and the related exam changes are now expected to launch December 14, 2020. This updated timeline enables NCARB to implement several enhancements that will lead to a higher quality online testing experience. Learn more about the new launch date and what this means for you.

Updated Webcam and Cable Requirements

NCARB has updated the webcam and cable/cord requirements for taking an online proctored exam. Candidates testing via online proctoring are now required to have an external webcam to facilitate a “cable-by-cable” assessment of their computer setup at part of their check in. You can find the new webcam specifications, as well as other requirements for online testing, in the updated ARE 5.0 Guidelines.

NCARB understands that requiring an external webcam may create an additional expense for candidates. To help offset this, NCARB will provide all candidates who schedule their first online appointment a one-time $50 e-gift card. Learn more.

What to Expect

NCARB anticipates launching the new, full-length demonstration exam no later than mid-November. This update will feature the new digital whiteboard tool and additional changes aligning with the launch of online proctoring (such as the new break feature and navigation).

If you have questions, please contact us online or on the ARE 5.0 Community.

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