Wishing you the blessings of this Season
Wishing you the blessings of this Season
The Greatest Gift of All

A message from Marlene…
Dear friends,
As we enter into the season of Christmas, and the many holy days our collective family celebrates, my heart rejoices in the greatest gift we all share: Love. Catholics around the world are celebrating Advent as “the Season in which we remember God's nearness, that He came down toward us” (Pope Francis, November 29, 2020). May you also feel this continuous blessing of Hope.
For so many, this has been an exhausting year; it seems one challenge after another was set before us, impacting our ability to adequately serve our clients. Each time we asked for your remembrance and support, you answered our call! As Pope Francis also shared in a recent New York Times OpEd: "To come out of this crisis better, we have to recover the knowledge that as a people we have a shared destination." Thank you to all who have reached out to let our staff and our clients know they are not alone.
So many of you have reached out to CFC in Love this year, through your donations, your gifts for our clients, your words of encouragement and support to our staff, and for your advocacy for our vulnerable neighbors. Together, we remember those who will be cold and hungry this winter, those seeking shelter and grace, individuals struggling with depression and addiction, and our elders and families left vulnerable by this pandemic. We are blessed for all you do to give others Hope and Love.
I wish you and your family a safe and blessed Holiday Season. 
In gratitude,
President & CEO
Special Thanks

Special Thanks

Here are just two examples (with more, below!) of how your gifts have directly benefited our clients. Thanks to members and partners of the Small Business Council who provided food baskets for Thanksgiving, and to all who have dropped off gently worn coats for us to share with those who are cold.

Your unwavering support has made some truly wonderful things happen this year!

Your unwavering support has made some truly wonderful things happen this year!

  • you helped our behavioral health outpatient services continue, with approximately 90% done virtually!
  • you enabled us to expand from providing vulnerable families in crisis with basic needs support to providing eviction prevention services. CFC will distribute over $3M in federal and local assistance to keep people in their homes!
  • your support allowed us to continue providing shelter while keeping our staff and the most vulnerable among us safe.
Reminding us of the lessons of the story Stone Soup, your generosity truly proves that collective effort can make a big difference for so many lives here in Rochester.
Thank you!

Adopt a Family

In less than a month, our community came together to support and adopt every single family registered through our Adopt-a-Family program. Your generosity and kindness for this program has been astonishing. Nearly 1,800 individuals, including nearly 1,000 children, will be impacted by our Adopt-a-Family program this year, and it is all thanks to our collective family thinking of those in need.

As Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” On Christmas morning, children will open your gifts and feel love and wonder, and families will know that a kind stranger is thinking of them. Thank you to every single person who supported this program, please know that you are making a difference in our world.

2020 Empty Bowls
From loyal Empty Bowls fans continuing to support us, to a generous donor who provided a matching gift for all virtual meals shared, to Don’s Original for continuing to sponsor us, #EmptyBowlsAtHome2020 was an inspiring success! Thank you all for helping us raise awareness of the hunger in our community, and for doing something to make a positive difference.
Help US Give Winter the Boot!
U.S Employee Benefits Service Group is supporting Catholic Family Center with their first annual Boot Drive! All boots donated will go directly to CFC clients, and for every pair of boots donated, USEBSG will donate two pairs of socks! To find out more information and to donate boots, please click here: Help US Give Winter the Boot.
Stories from Our Blog

Stories from our Blog
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