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Q: What should you tell a customer that places too much emphasis on the importance of threadcount?
A: SFERRA has presented the facts about threadcount in a variety of ways, especially through our LoseCount campaign. Still, customers have a “need to know” threadcount because they believe that it is the only way to compare the quality of one sheet to another. 
But maybe the next time someone wants to know the threadcount, a simple, although exaggerated, example might help them visualize the point. Imagine that you have an opportunity to weave fabric using any one of the five “yarns” shown below:
  • The first “yarn” is a threaded steel bar,
  • The second is an unstable brass chain
  • The third is a coarse hemp rope
  • The fourth is a rigid polypropylene rope, and
  • The fifth is a soft, fluffy strand of cotton.
If you were to weave different fabrics using each of these yarns at a fixed threadcount, say 200, which sheet would you rather sleep on? Probably the soft, fluffy cotton.
What if you increased the threadcount of the hemp rope fabric to 400? What if you increased the threadcount of the steel bar fabric to 600? You probably would still rather sleep on the 200 threadcount sheet using the soft, fluffy cotton yarns, even though the threadcount is significantly lower. With this example, you can clearly see that the quality of a sheet is based on so much more than just threadcount.
In evaluating any luxury fabric, you begin with the quality of the cotton fibers. You then follow through with the craftsmanship involved in the remaining processes: spinning, weaving and finishing. But the most important factor is how the fabric feels to you – it is all a matter of personal preference.
Paul J. Hooker
Chief Executive Officer
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