Who should we spotlight next?
Who should we spotlight next?
Teaching & Learning Innovation
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August 2021

News & Udates

Updated Mission Statement & Introducing Our Areas of Excellence

Teaching and Learning Innovation recently updated our mission, vision, and values statements to better reflect our work. This update will help to clarify our primary areas of service to the campus and solidify how our unit can collaborate with colleges, academic departments, and all of our stakeholders through this unique season of work.
Additionally, we streamlined our priorities and initiatives into four TLI Areas of Excellence: Inclusive Teaching, Curriculum Development & Design, Developing Future Faculty, and The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. 
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TLI Annual Reports

In Teaching & Learning Innovation, we believe that a key component of innovation is reflecting on past work. In the 2019-2020 academic year, we began compiling annual reports to see where our efforts were successful and where we could improve. Our annual reports cover two topics: TLI's response to COVID-19 (March 2020 - June 2021) and our work to support graduate students and post-docs through our partnership with the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL). Click below to visit TLI's annual report webpage and learn more. 
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Who Should We Spotlight Next?

This semester, we are opening up faculty spotlight nominations to the entire campus. Use the form below to nominate a faculty member to be featured in our monthly Faculty VOLume newsletter.
Anyone in the university community can submit a nomination. Be sure to include a few sentences about how your nominee is making a positive impact at the University of Tennessee.
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News & Udates

TLI Fall 2021 Workshops & Programs

We are excited to announce our lineup of TLI workshops and programs for Fall 2021. This semester, we're launching the New Faculty Teaching Support Series, which was developed to provide incoming faculty new to UT with opportunities for connection, collaboration, and networking for their awareness and success.
Click below to view our full Fall 2021 program schedule.
Fall 2021 Workshops & Programs

Explore Our Certificate Curriculum

Teaching and Learning Innovation is excited to reintroduce our certificate curriculum. We have six certificates (4 asynchronous and 2 synchronous) that allow you to pursue beneficial, in-depth, and in many cases, self-paced learning experiences and professional development.

Our Asynchronous Certificate Programs Include: 

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News & Udates

Course Redesign Institute

This summer's Course Redesign Institute brought together 33 faculty members from across the university to redesign a course for the fall 2021 or spring 2022 semester. These faculty focused their redesign through one of three tracks: inclusive teaching, experiential learning, or positive psychology.

Led by experienced faculty, institute participants engaged in meaningful discussion about how to elevate student learning and increase student success. As their final product, institute participants each created artifacts for their courses such as new lessons plans or revised syllabi that were infused with the pedagogy of their chosen institute track.
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Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Narrative Reflection Project

The 2021 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Narrative Reflection Project provided support for faculty members to reflect on their teaching experiences during the preceding years, and plan for the year ahead, with the ultimate goal of fostering more teaching and learning scholarship. 
A total of 12 faculty members from 7 academic departments completed the program, which included brainstorming meetings and weekly check-in emails with supporting resources.
Dr. Kelli MacCartey, Dept. of English has kindly given us permission to share her web-based narrative! Take a look to see her excellent work.


  • 12 faculty members completed the program
  • These participants represented 7 academic departments
  • Participants wrote scholarly reflection and planning documents that averaged 5,265 words
  • 3 participants wrote more than 9,000 words
  • Collectively, participants generated more than 60,000 words of material, and plan to use it to advance their scholarly teaching
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In May, TLI wrapped up another installment of the CIRTL Facilitating Undergraduate Evidence-based Learning (F.U.E.L.) certificate program. This six-module professional development seminar introduced about 30 graduate students to evidence-based teaching and learning practices.  
In the program, participants reflected on their own teaching experiences and learned from the experiences of others. Participants benefitted from discussions and individualized feedback on the writing of their teaching philosophy statements. They also explored their teaching identities and learned how to create classroom experiences inclusive of the identities of their students.  

Student Quotes:

"I really enjoyed this class. One of the things I'm missing during the pandemic is the informal discussion with peers about teaching. While more formal and structured, this filled that role for me. Starting off with the identity unit really helped set a tone in the class. I felt like there was a real sense of community, and I felt comfortable sharing my ideas early on."

"This course helped me reflect on my practice as a new teacher and be more intentional about how I want to improve. I hope to connect with more CIRTL offerings and I feel more comfortable looking for teaching-related resources to guide my learning."
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News & Udates

Updated University Mask Policy & TLI Resources

Teaching and Learning Innovation is here to support all members of UT's instructional population while we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic. 
As we move forward through this semester of largely in-person learning, please consult our Back to the Classroom webpage for careful guidance, teaching strategies, and other useful resources. We have also updated our Syllabus webpage to reflect the university's current mask policy, with updated language to use in the classroom and your syllabi.
For more information regarding the university's response to COVID-19, please visit utk.edu/coronavirus

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