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Greetings From the Dean

Our COVID-19 school year has been one interesting educational experience! Face masks, face shields, plexiglass, hand sanitizer, decals on the floor to distance us from one another … I could go on, but I’m sure you know the drill by now.
Despite it all, we are grateful for another academic year to educate and equip students to serve the Lord through engineering and computer science.
This edition of DataBytes will highlight the dedication of our new Civil Engineering Center, our new faculty members, our newest major, and exciting research being done by our faculty.
My prayer for you is that you and your family would remain safe and healthy during this time. Our students and faculty are getting an extended break between semesters — almost eight full weeks. As will be the case for most universities in the U.S., Cedarville will have a compacted spring semester with no spring break and limited travel by students and faculty. Please pray for us to be wise yet faithful as we present Jesus to a world in need of His healing touch!
In Christ,
Bob Chasnov, Ph.D., PE

students standing on bridge they constructed

Civil Engineering Center Dedication

On October 14, we held a dedication ceremony for Cedarville University’s new Civil Engineering Center, which opened at the start of the fall semester. The formal dedication ceremony included some words of thanks and praise from our Civil Engineering Coordinator and Assistant Dean, Dr. Stephen Ayers; words of joy from our President, Dr. Thomas White; and words of blessing from one of our CE students, Rachael Hershey. We thank God for the provision of this building and dedicate it for His glory. 
cadaveric perfusion model

Interdisciplinary Team Develops

Cadaveric Perfusion Model

Injuries to the carotid artery of the neck are particularly common during combat, as it is in one of the few areas not protected by armor. Penetrating neck injuries also occur due to stab wounds and automobile accidents. Currently there are no occlusive devices on the market that target this critical region of the neck. This is a significant problem due to the high mortality rate of wounds to the carotid arteries and jugular veins that runs through this region. A team of Cedarville University biomedical engineering students worked together to develop a neck occlusion device.
4 new facutly members for school of engineering

Welcome, New Faculty and Staff

This fall we are thanking God for four new members to the School of Engineering faculty and staff: Mackenzie Davies, Instructor of Civil Engineering; Dr. David Dittenber, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering; Dr. Luke Fredette, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering; and John Harper, Civil Engineering Lab Technician. Each of them bring years of expertise and knowledge to our School, and our students have already been blessed to have them here.
3 cyber operations professors

New Cyber Operations Major

Starting this fall, we introduced a new cyber operations major. Cyber operations is one of the fastest-growing and in-demand fields today, and we are excited to equip students with not only the technical skills but the Christian ethics to help protect cyberspace. We are grateful to Prof. Patrick Dudenhofer, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Cyber Operations; Dr. Seth Hamman, Associate Professor of Cyber Operations and Computer Science;  and Dr. Keith Shomper, Professor of Computer Science and Cyber Operations, for their roles in helping create this unique and innovative program.
biomedical scaffolding

Biomedical Engineering Partners With Local Implant Manufacture

In the medical industry, there is a growing need for affordable implants that are customized to each patient. Just as each bone defect is unique, so is each patient in need of an implant. Additive manufacturing allows for the creation of more complex geometries than traditional manufacturing methods. With the advancement of three-dimensional printing, manufacturers are now able to print Titanium, a biocompatible and historically successful implant material. This new and emerging field is where the students and faculty at Cedarville University partner with Tangible Solutions, a Fairborn, Ohio-based company leading the way in the technology of titanium devices for human implantation
biomedical scaffolding

Cardboard Canoe Race

Our annual Cardboard Canoe Race looked and sounded quite different during this fall. Only the freshmen engineering students competed, with none of the usual fanfare — no teams from other departments, no demolition derby, no music, and no announcements.
This year's winning team made it across Cedar Lake in 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Winning team members included Anna Gatchell, Maria Smith, Grace Anne Ellis, and Sydney Hannon. Team advisors were Rachel Hershey and Brianna Ice.
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