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September 2014
JCM Connect
New Friends Expands its Outreach
Schools across Minnesota and Wisconsin continue to adopt their own New Friends programs. On Friday, September 12, Jackie Mayer spoke to students at St. Croix Lutheran High School in St. Paul, Minn. about the importance of these programs and how they've benefited families like her own.
View part of her presentation in the video below.
New Friends Promotional Store
NOW OPEN until October 8: Our New Friend's promotional online store! Wearing New Friends apparel is a great way to build awareness in your school and in your community. It also says a lot about the person wearing the attire that not only do they participate and support the program, but they have a very important message to share with the world: that everyone deserves to be accepted for who God created them to be and that everyone needs a friend!  
New Friends Walk for Friendship
This summer was the inaugural New Friends “Walk for Friendship” sponsored by TLHA’s Jesus Cares Ministries and hosted by Manitowoc Lutheran High School (MLHS). The event’s focus was to join all New Friends program participants, community members and families together to share Christ’s love and friendship, and that’s exactly what they did.  
Some Helpful Tips for Your Own Walk for Friendship!
  • Start early! Pick your date and start planning six months to a year in advance.
  • Get together with your New Friends program to brainstorm and envision what the walk will look like. Where will the event be held? What arrangements need to be made to make it happen? How can we map out the walking route? How will people register? Do we need special licensing for raffles? What will the costs be (food, games, prizes, etc...)? 
  • Start advertising and get the word out! Create an event on Facebook and start inviting people. This can also be used to recruit volunteers and delegate responsibilities.
  • Create donation request letters to send out to local businesses who may be interested in sponsoring the event or donating giveaway items. 
Christmas Card Contest
Every year, TLHA has a Christmas card contest where seniors and adults with developmental disabilities submit their artwork for a chance to design our annual Christmas card. 

2014 Theme: God’s Christmas Gift.  "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." 
(John 3:16)

Contest Deadline: Designs must be received by Monday, October 20. 
Recent JCM Programs
Winnebago Lutheran Academy, Fon du lac, Wisc.: New Friends
Customizable JCM Flyer
We now offer a customizable JCM flyer for each program to edit to fit their own needs. 
View our resources page for this and other materials for your program.
New JCM Material Available
Through a generous donation, JCM is able to offer 12 new Bible studies, free of charge.
1. God’s Great Exchange – the main message of the Bible
2. Broken Hearted Father – the main message of the Bible
3. The Death and Rising of Jesus Christ – Jesus’ most important work
4. Free to Live – Christian Freedom
5. The Law of God – the 10 commandments
6. What Christians Believe – the Apostle’s Creed
7. The Means of Grace – how God shows us his love
8. The Parables of Jesus
9. The Words Jesus Taught – the Lord’s Prayer
10. The Gospel of John
11. Jesus the Christ – Jesus and his most important work
12. You Must Be Born Again – the work of the Holy Spirit
Please email Pastor Joel at if you are interested.
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